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Secure Data Centers

Your Information in a Secure Data Center

Today, cyber attacks are more prevalant than ever, and the cost could devastate your business. No one understands this more than NetStandard.

From our primary data center in Kansas City to our multiple offsite data centers around the country, our data center services are designed to offer a 99.999% uptime delivery and virtually no unplanned outages. If your business is subject to FDIC, OCC or OTS audits, or you are required to comply with PCI, SEC or HIPAA requirements.

Secure. Reliable. Guaranteed.

Uninterrupted uptime and highly secure facilities backed with detailed, 100% SLAs.


The NetStandard team of knowledgeable experts has over 10 years of experience operating, maintaining and securing data centers.

Confidence to Compete

Our comprehensive data center security protects your valuable assets, allowing you to focus on new business opportunities.

Key Data Center Features

  • N+1 redundancy to ensure complete system functionality
  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Triple redundant internet connectivity
  • Completely diverse fiber paths
  • At least 40% unused bandwidth maintained
  • Redundant core network routers
  • Two separate power grids available for full power redundancy
  • Backup electrical systems, generator and UPS
  • 48 hours of fully loaded generator fuel on site
  • Multiple fuel contracts in place in the event of a long-term failure
  • N+1 redundant cooling systems and capacity
  • Raised data center flooring
  • Extended depth capacity cabinets
  • FM-200 fire suppression system
  • Prox badge and fingerprint biometric access system
  • Video recordings kept for 90 days

Data Center Security

If security and compliance are the first things that come to mind when selecting a data center provider, they should be.

Physical Security

NetStandard data centers are fortresses in actual construction and accessibility. We make every effort—backed by electronic, video and biometric measures—to prevent unauthorized entry. We continuously monitor our facilities with instrumentation such as recorded video surveillance, access and egress logs, and electronic visitor logs. Our video surveillance covers the halls, access ways, data room racks and the complete exterior of our buildings. We also offer a range of managed security services that helps organizations prevent potential data compromises, network breaches and unauthorized system access.

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