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High-Caliber Network Monitoring

Security Information and Event Management
Don’t miss a beat with our 24/7 SIEM solutions.

Understanding where you are today will help you better prepare for tomorrow. Changes to your technology can be more impactful if you have a clear understanding of your current environment, and an assessment is a great place to start.

Surveyor is NetStandard’s unique remote network monitoring service. As part of our Clarity managed services, Surveyor is at the heart of our ability to proactively deliver high-caliber IT management. With the eyes of Surveyor monitoring your network around the clock, you can move your business forward without worrying about dealing with IT catastrophes.

IT solutions tend to evolve over time, often resulting in a less-than-ideal environment. Software updates and configurations may not have been maintained. Security may be compromised. The design may have drifted from industry best practices, and documentation may not be accurate. It’s extremely valuable to step back periodically and evaluate the environment in light of your current business needs and current technologies.

Comprehensive IT assessment services from NetStandard IT Solutions examine your complete environment and highlight the opportunities to improve operations, arming you with the knowledge and context you need to create an effective remediation plan and move forward with confidence.

Managed Technology

Clarity managed technology is NetStandard’s in-house brand for managed information technology solutions. With our team of engineers, technical specialties, professional expertise, and efficient operating ecosystem, we offer unparalleled managed technology services in Kansas City.

Cost Effective

Clarity helps you fully utilize your IT department and eliminate extra costs, identify threats, and improve customer management with the right tools. We offer solutions that meet your business’s specific needs while saving you money.

Your Trusted Advisor

We are committed to providing you with independent, unbiased assesments and evaluations with your comapny goals in mind. We want our tools to help your business running safely and efficiently today and prepare for growth in the future.

Cyber security is at the foundation of our business and we want it to be the foundation of yours too. Our team is here for you and your business 24/7 to make sure that, if an incident does arise, your assets and information are secure even if you are out of the office.

Clarity managed technology by NetStandard is next-level support & infrastructure to elevate your business. Clarity works best for businesses that are struggling to maintain a proactive IT department.

What is Included with Clarity?
  • Technology Manager (TM)
  • Software License Maintenance
  • Engineering Support
  • Server, Network Device, and Desktop/Laptop Device Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Backup Monitoring and Administration
  • Service Desk & Incident Response
  • Automated Reporting
  • Fortification and Security Services
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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

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