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Custom, Robust Cloud Security Solutions in Kansas City

Keeping Your Data Safe and Available

Any system or device connected to a network can be compromised and, if the data is sensitive, the reputation and economic risks grow for the data owner. A private secure cloud allows you to easily access your data and avoid cyber attacks and detrimental data loss. Let our cloud security experts build custom strategies, data recovery, and access management for your growing business in Kansas City.

Custom Cloud Security

There is no single formula to dictate an acceptable level of security. The security deployed must be aligned with regulatory requirements, the application architecture and an individual organization’s tolerance for risk balanced against cost. Building a cloud security strategy requires a thoughtful approach to select protections, monitoring, and governance needed to reach a level of acceptable risk.

Data Recovery When You Need It

Our disaster recovery plans can accomplish secondary data storage and restore manually or through cloud computing. Cloud storage is often the most cost-effective and efficient solution for data replication, online backup and quick recovery.

Access Management

Cloud providers offer the use of tools to grant the appropriate level of access to individual users. The recommended approach is to use the philosophy of “rights of least privilege” so that only users with a need to access a resource, can access that resource. Ensuring data is classified provides the framework to deploy a rights management solution.

Adding Another Layer of Security for Business Data

Data in the cloud is virtually always stored in an encrypted form. Intruders need to crack it before they can access the information. But the strength of these encryptions varies among providers. At the end of the day, you are still responsible for fully protecting your business data in a cloud environment.

With cloud security services, you’re adding another layer of security for your business data. It’s like adding a code lock to a door equipped with a deadbolt lock, making sure it’s impenetrable.

Of course, code locks – or in this case, custom cloud security solutions – wouldn’t be as effective without security capabilities that suit your unique business needs. This is where our expertise comes in.

Why Choose NetStandard?

When you hire NetStandard to help boost your cloud security, you gain:

A dedicated security team

Our company understands that growing companies often don’t have the infrastructure or personnel to handle IT security measures. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll build a cloud strategy tailored to your needs, making your data safe and available all the time.

Data recovery expertise

We’ll make sure every entry point of your cloud is secure. But if worse comes to worst, our team’s main competency is data recovery, helping restore critical IT systems, applications, and other business data quickly.

Decades of experience

Staying true to our name, we’ve become the industry standard in managed cloud security solutions for growing companies in Kansas. Just ask all of the small and midsized businesses we’ve helped over the years.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today.

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