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Dependable Cloud Services

Access Information Anytime, Anywhere Using Any Compatible Device.

When business owners outsource cloud technology, they can focus on using the cloud, as opposed to maintaining it. NetStandard’s cloud services have saved businesses thousands of dollars in monthly expenses and they recieve 24/7 support from our expert team.

Cloud Monitoring

Outsourcing your private cloud hosting to a trustworthy third party allows businesses and to cut their budgets, as the service provider owns the software or equipment and is responsible for operating and troubleshooting the systems. This gives companies more time to focus on growing their business.

Data Backup

Hosting an in-house system for cloud computing purposes, however, is expensive. On top of that, it poses security risks if the technology used by the business is outdated. With NetStandard’s cloud services, your information is safe and redundantly backed up so you don’t lose what is important.

Disaster Recovery

You never know when disaster will strike in the physical or digital world. The NetStandard service providers help your business decrease the risk of disruption due to system downtime and can recover your information if a catastrophe occurs.

Cloud Security

A private cloud allows your business the flexibility of a public cloud, with the security of a private server. Keep your information safe while improving your workflow. Learn more about cloud security.

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