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How to Use a Service Provider to Improve Your Security Position

How To Use A Service Provider To Improve Your Security Position

Service-ProviderNetStandard CTO John Leek explores how choosing the right technology service provider can improve your company’s security position and decrease your data’s exposure to cybercrime.  


What if moving portions of your business to the cloud could actually make your business more secure?


As busy professionals, we need to be productive in whatever we do. The cloud lets us get email, access files, follow sales leads, make and track contacts in social media, operating accounting systems and other business functions needed for a business. Whether we use our smartphone, laptop, Surface, iPad, Chrome book or phablet, professionals can be productive wherever we need to go.


Historically, the only thing holding us back was a lack of Internet access. Now with Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere, airplanes with hot spots and phones that can serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot, we can work from the device of our choice almost everywhere we go.  Even on an airplane!   This hyper-productive environment will continue to grow as the “Internet of Things” allows almost any device—including refrigerators, TVs, the thermostat in your home, security systems and even cable boxes—have an IP address that allows access from anywhere. We have truly built our lives around our wireless and wired network connections.


Yet, cybercrime continues to grow, extending its lead as the #1 crime worldwide. Attacks occur every day and are well publicized in the media.  From phishing emails to bots and viruses, the threats are almost too hard to comprehend, let alone assess the risk to business and identify mitigations. In fact, most SMBs lack the resources to assess, mitigate and address the risks and must find ways to partner with companies who can improve their security stance.


MAA Security Controls Hence the importance of cloud-based services and the capabilities of service providers.


As small and medium businesses have used the cloud, it has increased their agility and lowered the total cost of ownership while also improving the security protection of most business information entrusted to the right service providers.


But how do customers select the right service provider?   SMBs should focus on service providers who listen to individual risks of customers and are willing to consult with them to address the risks and concerns unique to their business.


NetStandard believes each customer should be heard and solutions should be designed to align with their business requirements. We have also positioned our company to increase the safeguards around one of our customer’s most precious assets—their data. In fact, NetStandard employs 20 safeguards not normally found in small to medium sized businesses out of the 26 controls identified above.


Selected providers should have a third-party SSAE 16 audit report and demonstrate a commitment to uptime, like our 99.999% uptime SLA, and zero-day patching needs.   These safeguards are designed to lower the risks associated with cybercrime and the risks to your systems.  As we move forward, the Internet of Things and cloud services will inevitably continue to grow as will our ability to access these services.  Partnering with the right provider will ensure your business can continue to thrive in an environment where risk is a constant.

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