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Tips for Practicing Good Cyber Hygiene

Tips For Practicing Good Cyber Hygiene

Practicing cyber hygiene is the online equivalent to maintaining good personal hygiene.  Maintaining good cyber hygiene is the process of taking proactive steps to incorporate risk management and IT compliance in order to help prevent, monitor and prepare for future cyberattacks on an organization.



Just like brushing and flossing prevents cavities from forming, good cyber hygiene begins with a good process of prevention.  Incorporating an unbiased second opinion is a great way to ensure prevention.  TraceSecurity, an industry leader in risk management and IT compliance, is paving the way with the cloud-based platform, TraceCSO.  TraceCSO is currently the only cloud-based platform to provide risk assessment and IT compliance.  TraceCSO’s platform consists of the following: vulnerability management, risk management, vendor management, incident response procedure, compliance, policy, audit and training management.


Scheduled Maintenance

After brushing, it is time to clean up.  Scheduled maintenance can wash away the old vulnerabilities and replace them with clean updates and patches. In the case of the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, a simple system reboot may have prevented many organizations from being cyberattack victims.


Frequent Grooming

Groom a company culture to practice good cyber hygiene.  It takes time and repetition to develop the necessary procedures in order to maintain a high level of awareness.  Some helpful tips to get started include scanning for viruses, updating the operating system, checking for security patches, and changing passwords every 90 days.


There are no guarantees when it comes to defending against ongoing malicious cyberattacks, but practicing good cyber hygiene can reduce an organization’s risk considerably.

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