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The Cloud Connection: CTO John Leek Names the “Big 10”

The Cloud Connection: CTO John Leek Names The “Big 10”

thinking-biggerJohn Leek, NetStandard’s CTO, is featured in the October issue of Thinking Bigger Business magazine’s Entrepreneur Edition.


Saving time and money is at the top of nearly every business owner’s technology to-do list, regardless of the company’s size. For entrepreneurs, however, tight budgets and big plans demand a solution that is holistic–the kind of solution that is often best delivered in the cloud. Leek’s article, “The Cloud Connection,” explores how business leaders are increasingly turning to cloud computing for improved business efficiency and cost savings. For entrepreneurs, the cloud offers additional benefits, including the ability to scale the number of users up or down and recurring monthly billing cycles that allow for predictable bills with no extended contracts.


Read Leek’s article here to see his top 10 Big Reasons why you should consider moving your business into the cloud.

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