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Why Startups Flock to the Cloud

Why Startups Flock To The Cloud

Why are startups flocking to the cloud?  Startups choose the cloud to keep initial expenditures at a minimum, operate in a secure environment virtually anywhere, and scale business operations in real-time with 24/7/365 support.  Taking a deeper dive into each of these factors will help provide further understanding as to why startups continue to bead in this direction.


Like all startups, it is very important to keep overhead costs to a minimum.  In many cases, a startup may not require the large capacity of space.  The cloud allows the freedom to pick and choose a customized plan centered around the desired needs of the business in order to lower the overall costs.  This not only eliminates hardware costs, but also the expense for software licensing.  In addition, service providers offer convenient, flexible subscription services.


As we further explore the flexibility of the cloud, the next important feature is mobility. The freedom to operate in a secure environment from virtually anywhere.  Some of the most trusted names in the industry make it possible for startups to operate, worry-free of internet based attacks that can cause significant downtime and cripple a startup.


Finally, the cloud offers 24/7/365 support to expedite the growth and scalability of a startup.  Having this type of support on hand is invaluable and is the difference between waiting minutes or days.  Having the ability to operate and expand on a real-time level is extremely important and a huge advantage for startups.


All rules are thrown out the window, and all bets are off.  The cloud has quickly become the norm for startups to accelerate business to the next level.

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