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Protecting the Sensitive Information in Your Inbox

Protecting The Sensitive Information In Your Inbox


Sometimes the biggest threat to your email’s security is you.


That’s not because you mean to be a threat to yourself. Let’s face it, people get busy. They send attachments without thinking about cyber security. Or open emails without questioning whether or not the email contains a phishing scheme. Protecting sensitive information just isn’t top of mind when a deadline is pressing down or a stack of work shows up on your desktop.


Fortunately, we can offer tools that will protect the sensitive information in your inbox—even when you’re not thinking about good email practices.


When You’re Sending Emails

Earlier this month, we rolled out a data loss protection tool to all of the email customers we host in our data center. Data loss protection, or DLP, is designed to encrypt any email that contains financially sensitive information.


When you apply DLP to your email account, DLP will scan all emails for credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank wire transfer information or other personally identifiable information. If the tool discovers that an email contains sensitive information, it will automatically force encryption in the email. That way, if the email winds up in the wrong hands, your business isn’t exposed to the repercussions of a data breach or the theft of sensitive information.


For customers who do not want to have their e-mail encrypted, that will be their decision, and the service will allow them to override encryption by putting ‘override’ in the subject line.


This change makes our email more aligned with our customers’ regulatory needs, including HIPAA and GLB, FFIEC, and it significantly reduces the risk of accidental information exposure in the context of email.


When You’re Receiving Emails

Did you know that the average phishing message is opened within two minutes?


Phishing emails aren’t new, but they have gotten more convincing in over the last few years. Add in the exponential increase in viruses, malware, and crypto attached to emails, and deciding what to open and what not to open can be pretty stressful. With advanced threat protection tools, we can take the stress out of deciding which emails could harm your inbox.


Think of advanced threat protection as an email filtering service that offers added protection against threats like ransomware, unknown malware and viruses. Advanced threat protection is designed to scan and quarantine attachments and the body of emails before they land in your inbox—and before you have to make the call as to whether or not they are harmful.


Whether you’re worried about inbound or outbound email, we’ve got your security covered. Contact us today to learn more about our email protection services.

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