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Protecting Your Business from Internet-Based Attacks

radwareThe international security firm Incapsula recently reported that there has been a 240 percent increase in Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) over the past 12 months (you can learn more about what these attacks are here). According to a 2013 report conducted by IDG Research Services, the average cost of an outage caused by one of these DDoS attacks could cost an internet-reliant company as much as $100,000 an hour.


While many business leaders may not initially consider their business as “internet reliant” as say, an e-commerce company, it’s important to note that any business that needs the internet to conduct daily operations is at risk. Protecting your business from internet-based DDoS attacks is particularly important if your company leverages hosted applications (like email or business applications) or conducts daily business through your website.


Companies operating in a hosted, or cloud, environment are also vulnerable to Denial of Service attacks and similar exploits. If, for example, the cloud provider should suffer a DDoS attack on any company within the cloud environment, cloud services to all customers could be slowed or stopped altogether until the attack is under control.


Seeing this trend, we have been very focused on implementing a solution to protect our customers and their business operations from these crippling attacks. Per the message we released today, we are excited to announce that we have selected Radware as our partner to protect our data center and our application layer from unwanted traffic that could impact our customers’ performance and connectivity.


With our new protection services, we will be able to prevent outages caused by multiple kinds of DDoS and cyber attacks for our customers, including attacks launched by hacktivist groups and attacks designed to consume the target company’s internet bandwidth. These are the same enterprise-grade solutions leveraged and used by some of the best-known providers of web-based services, including several top social networking sites, financial institutions and online retailers. You can see a few of Radware’s major clients on their website by clicking here.


Our services will include both pre-configured volumetric protection and non-volumetric protection. Non-volumetric protection will cover a wide range of DDoS attacks, including application layer attacks, SYN floods, DNS threats, SQL injections and more. Our pre-configured volumetric protection is an “attack ready” premium level of internet security that includes all the non-volumetric layers of protection plus protection against a targeted DDoS attack. Volumetric protection is designed to suppress direct, targeted attacks to a company’s network that could cause the complete consumption of your available internet.


With our new DDoS protection services, we can offer a premium level of support that is unmatched at any Kansas City data center, including coverage for direct attacks that saturate a company’s internet pipe, an unlimited number of attacks, and unlimited attack duration.   We believe these types of risk management services should be a part of the core of our solutions, and we hope that we can help you maintain a secure, reliable hosted environment for many years to come.


If you’re wondering what level of DDoS protection is best for your business, contact us today to start the discussion.

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