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IT Assessments

Our IT assessment services put you ahead.

Understanding where you are today will help you better prepare for tomorrow. Changes to your technology can be more impactful if you have a clear understanding of your current environment, and an assessment is a great place to start.

IT solutions tend to evolve over time, often resulting in a less-than-ideal environment. Software updates and configurations may not have been maintained. Security may be compromised. The design may have drifted from industry best practices, and documentation may not be accurate. It’s extremely valuable to step back periodically and evaluate the environment in light of your current business needs and current technologies.

Comprehensive IT assessment services from NetStandard examine your complete environment and highlight the opportunities to improve operations, arming you with the knowledge and context you need to create an effective remediation plan and move forward with confidence.

Our Time is Yours

We take the time to understand your business, the issues and challenges you are facing, giving you a 360° view as a basis to create your roadmap moving forward. Build your action plan based on the facts, and take down those roadblocks that are holding you back.

Deep Bench of Expertise

Our industry-certified security experts are here to guide you, using time-tested frameworks in concert with the latest security tools and a multi-layered approach to security across your entire enterprise, providing protection at every layer: from the DNS layer, to the network, to the endpoint.

Your Trusted Advisor

We are committed to providing you with independent, unbiased evaluations and recommendations with an eye toward future-proofing so that the security tools you implement today do not limit your organization tomorrow.

Hybrid Cloud Assessment

NetStandard, together with our top-tier partners, provides comprehensive and advanced network security assessment services to keep your network secure from threats. Our threat-centric and operational approach to security reduces complexity while providing superior visibility, continuous control and advanced threat protection across the extended network and the entire attack continuum. Our full end-to-end approach includes discovery, architecture and deployment services related to all aspects of security including firewall, VPN and Intrusion Prevention Security.
While the benefits of moving to the cloud are clear, often the complexity of migration and integration can impede actually getting there.

A NetStandard Hybrid Cloud Assessment can help by taking the mystery and uncertainty out of cloud migration and enable you to make strategic choices based on your unique business requirements.

This assessment takes into account all aspects of your environment, giving you the complete picture. If you’re looking for guidance on what clouds to consider, how to manage your multiple cloud environments or simply where to start, then consider a Hybrid Cloud Assessment.

Network Assessment

Are you looking at rolling out new business applications on your network, or maybe having performance issues with the applications you already have?

NetStandard’s Network Assessment uses leading assessment tools to identify network issues in your existing infrastructure, or to assess your readiness to begin network infrastructure development, expansion or upgrade projects.

Storage & Backup Assessment

Understanding and planning for an efficient and scalable storage environment is essential to your business success.

NetStandard’s Storage and Backup Assessment helps you ensure the consistency, speed and quality of your data storage and backup, and provides you with a review of your current solution compared to best practices. We assess, analyze and provide recommendations about your current storage environment, as well as future requirements to ensure accessibility, security, redundancy and efficiency to improve and optimize your current storage solution.

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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

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