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A Better Way to Mitigate Crypto Virus Infections

A Better Way To Mitigate Crypto Virus Infections

cyber securityYou’ve installed antivirus and antimalware software. Your firewall is up-to-date. You’ve even trained your employees on what kinds of links they should avoid clicking on. That means you’re protected from Crypto virus infections, right?


Not exactly.


Attacks like Crypto virus—which is a particularly nasty version of ransomware—are a sign of the times for cybercrime. In many cases, cyberattacks have become so sophisticated that existing defenses (like firewalls or antivirus tools) simply cannot block all attacks. In short, while your firewall and antivirus can continue to stop most attacks, the velocity and volume of new attack tools and techniques mean that there are still attack vectors out there than can go undetected in your environment for minutes, weeks or even months.


If you’re the type of business that cannot afford to have a virus or malware infection take your business offline—or worse, if you’re the type of business that could not survive a customer data breach or financial fraud—then basic firewalls and antivirus/antimalware tools are not enough to keep your business safe online.


For this reason, NetStandard is excited to team up with OpenDNS to provide an additional layer of security designed to protect your business from sophisticated attacks and dangerous ransomware infections. OpenDNS is a cloud-delivered network security service that proactively protects your business from advanced malware, botnets and phishing attacks. It works by leveraging big data analytics and real-time algorithmic learning machines (which process over one million events per second) to predict and prevent new attack threats.


OpenDNS is capable of stopping 50 to 98 percent more attacks than firewalls and antivirus software alone, all by simply pointing your DNS traffic to OpenDNS. OpenDNS doesn’t wait until after attacks launch, malware installs, or infected systems callback to learn how to defend against an attack. By analyzing a cross-section of the world’s internet activity, OpenDNS can discover, and often predict, where attacks are staged and will emerge before they even launch.


If you’re concerned that your existing firewalls and antivirus/antimalware tools have left open vulnerabilities in your network, OpenDNS could be the upgrade your security posture needs. With OpenDNS, your business gets the following added benefits:


Advanced threat protection: OpenDNS blocks malware, botnets and phishing attacks over any port, protocol or app—and it also detects and contains advanced attacks before they can cause damage to your network.


Prevention, not mitigation: OpenDNS is capable of discovering and blocking malicious domains and IP addresses before standard web protection tools have even identified them, and sometimes even before the attack is launched. That means your team is prevented from visiting infected locations in the first place—long before they can be tempted by malicious links.


Off-network protection: Are your users off your network? With OpenDNS, it doesn’t matter where your users are located—they are protected whether they are in the office or out on location.


Want to learn more about OpenDNS for your business? Contact us to see how we can help you implement this tool in your environment.

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