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Lakemary was struck with a hardware disaster.
How were they able to continue to operate without servers?

Since transitioning to Clarity, Lakemary Center has a hosted exchange environment for computerized e-mail or iPhones which improves upon their previous system. Staff within and among the different branches of the Center now stay more connected, and they function more cooperatively and efficiently as a whole organization because of improved communication. Indeed Lakemary staff has only increased by about 21% in the period since NetStandard has managed their IT service, while the number of individuals served has increased by 29%.
[bquote_left]“The reliability of the new system, and the prevention of problems before they occur, is the greatest benefit of all.””[/bquote_left] Above all, Lakemary Center know that they can rely on their technology and do no fear down-time which would have damaging results on residents and students at the Center.

To learn more about this successful partnership, please download our free case study and see how Clarity helps not-for-profit organizations keep running.

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