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New Super Small Computers Are Cool and Practical for Your Business

New Super Small Computers Are Cool And Practical For Your Business


In this month’s edition of The President’s Toolbox, NetStandard President Walt Lane gives an overview of a super-charged small computer that’s ideal for video conferencing and screensharing.


NetStandard President Walt LaneSmall-sized computers have been around for some time but generally don’t offer the CPU horsepower, disk and memory and ports that you generally need for them to be practical.


Intel has come out with a NUC computer that really is amazingly small and POWERFUL.


First, it is just fun to hold this little thing in your hand and know that it can house up to a 6th Generation Intel processor and has an HDMI video port, USB ports, Bluetooth for your wireless keyboard and mouse, and you can integrate GBs of memory and SSD disk storage very cheaply. I could go on and on with the techy stuff on this puppy; however, this article is generally reserved to not get too techy but provide BUSINESS IDEAS with new tools available.


Want to dig in to more info on the Intel NUC?  Go here.




Now, what cool stuff can you do with these things other than put a very fast computer in the palm of your hand?


First off, think about your conference room TV screen. By now, you are likely moving away from the projection system and have large LED screen TVs setup on a Miracast broadcast network. Remember my earlier toolbox article on the ScreenBeam Pro?


The Intel NUC is small enough to slide through behind the TV so you can connect it as a dedicated Skype video conferencing machine. Set out a wireless keyboard and mouse on the conference table and ‘boom,’ you’ve got yourself a Skype system without breaking the bank. And, of course, it can be a useful PC in the conference room for many other resources.


Other ideas for use include video surveillance, digital signage, thin client, and digital kiosks. Or any application where you need a reliable fast PC, low power consumption, and small space.


If you want more information on the NUC, you can contact your technology manager or reach out to us directly here.

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