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Microsoft Dynamics GP “12” – Implementation YOUR Way, The Power of Choice


Story by Jay Manley, PMP, Sr. Product Manager – Microsoft Dynamics GP | Microsoft Corp.


Jay Manley sings the praises of selling Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud. With NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere Cloud, users can get Dynamics GP with the comfort of knowing you are getting 99.999% uptime guarantee and an experienced team of engineers to support implementation.


Microsoft Dynamics GP has historically been a traditional desktop implemented software and has a proud history of supporting Microsoft Windows since its early versions. In the last couple of years, we have heard more and more about Cloud solutions and Cloud implementations—which represents, typically, software that is hosted, either by a partner or by the customer themselves, and accessed through a browser. And more customers have started to request this as part of their RFI/RFQ process.


In looking at what we had to do to continue to support our existing customers as well as win new business, we found that customers didn’t want to be forced into one or another model—they wanted new and varied deployment options. For us, that meant the creation of a new web client user experience as well as multi-tenancy features that would allow customers the power of choice in their implementations. We allow them to mix user access methods; some can still enjoy the desktop client, while others will take advantage of the new web client.


The Microsoft Dynamics GP team, when considering the creation of our upcoming web client user experience, looked at many technologies that would offer us architecture for future growth, a feature set that was strong with controls and flexibility, and one that provided us a performance model that benefitted our customers. Silverlight was a clear standout product in this research. In fact, we’ll be using Silverlight 5 features, as it has been architected to deeply support business application development far deeper than other similar toolsets. This also should indicate to you that any browser on any device that runs Silverlight could potentially be a host for running Microsoft Dynamics GP.


In relation to our work on the web client, we also took cues from the upcoming release of Windows 8. Windows 8 is an amazing product and has gained a lot of recent attention, especially around Tiles and Apps. Those work particularly well in the consumer experience, such as playing media, checking on the local weather, or browsing websites. We will be working on, in future versions of Dynamics GP, a more “tiled” experience within the application, giving it that “clean and open” interface feel of Windows 8.


A question, then, that you should likely be asking is “So what?”  How does this apply to you?  Because of the multi-tenancy features that we are adding in Microsoft Dynamics GP “12,” specifically around a feature we call “named system database,” the ability to deploy many companies, regardless of accounting format, is now possible on one SQL Server instance. And with the two options that you have to access Dynamics GP, either using the web client or the desktop client, you have the unique ability to implement and utilize Dynamics GP in the manner that best suits your employees and their work efforts. Something we like to call, “The Power of Choice!”

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