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How secure is our data?

Having a secure place to store your data is extremely important to your bottom line. You need to know your data is safe, secure and accessible at all times. If your data center is not optimized to meet the demands of your business, then you are not optimizing the investment you need to run your business and protect your assets.

Expect the Unexpected

From our primary data center in Kansas City to our multiple offsite data centers around the country, our data center solutions are designed to offer a 99.999% uptime delivery and virtually no unplanned outages.

We have the support you need, and the technology that works, our state of the art facilities keep your data safe and accessible.

Is Your Data Safe?

Let us walk you through our security checklist to find out.

Equipped with the support you need and the technology that works, our data center solutions offer cloud hosting, colocation and virtualization solutions for your business.

Replication and Recovery Locations

> Kansas City, KS
> Lenexa, KS
> Additional Sites Planned

Available Internet Services

> NetStandard blended (Cogent/AT&T)
> AT&T (direct)
> SureWest/Consolidated Communications (direct)
> Time Warner Cable (direct)
> Additional third-party backbone providers available on request

Find Out How

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