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IT Security Services

Protect Your Business Against Digital Threats

Outsourcing cybersecurity to a trusted third-party provider improves incident response times and threat detection. Handing off your IT security needs to a team of experts removes the need to invest in round-the-clock IT security staffing and training.

Cloud Security Solutions
Cloud Security Solutions

At NetStandard, we provide fully integrated IT security solutions that detect and stop threats, manage risk and compliance, and protect your business from cyber attacks in the ever-changing digital environment.

NetStandard Compliance
NetStandard Compliance

No matter what industry your organization is in, our suite of security and compliance consulting services help you understand how to identify and mitigate risk according to the standards of your regulated environment.

Secure Data Centers
Secure Data Centers

Security is the backbone on which NetStandard data centers are built. Equipped with the support you need and the technology that works, our data center solutions offer cloud hosting, colocation and virtualization solutions for your business.

DDOS Protection
DDOS Protection

Protecting your business from internet-based DDoS attacks is critical if your company utilizes hosted applications (like email or business applications) or if online access is an important component in your daily operations.

Protection from Cyber Attacks

Our Myappsanywhere Cloud customers are protected from internet-based DDoS attacks at absolutely no extra cost. These protection services help us prevent cloud outages caused by attacks from hacktivist groups, cyber thieves, and attacks designed to consume a company’s internet bandwidth.

Robust Service Contracts

Robust Service Contracts

Robust service contracts are the key to mitigating information security risk. A standard contract for our Myappsanywhere Cloud addresses these main areas:

  • Information protection and effective logical and physical access controls
  • Joint control frameworks: internal controls based on trust service principles for security and availability and reliance on internal customer controls
  • External, third-party audits: semi-annual SSAE 16 compliance audits of our in-house data center
  • Policies addressing data handling, usage, storage, and availability

Consistent Monitoring Controls

Our cloud environment is evaluated by our team of security professionals and auditors and is regularly monitored for security and reliability through:

  • Weekly vulnerability scans
  • Regular patching schedule
  • Implementation of leading web application firewalls
  • Anti-spam, anti-malware, and antivirus protections


Our network delivers triple-redundant internet connectivity through completely diverse fiber paths, and we maintain at least 60 percent of unused bandwidth capacity in order to accommodate your business’ peak requirements, even during uplink maintenance periods. Our system also uses redundant core network routers, and we keep two separate power grids available for full power redundancy. As an added measure of security for your data, our data center is only accessible via prox badge and a fingerprint biometric access system.

Bonus Features

  • We are committed to providing the highest level of security protections, including:
  • Each of the applications (including our add-on applications) we host has a unique security architecture and rigorous certification process
  • Microsoft Active Directory isolates and protects your private information
  • User IDs are unique to individual users
  • A resiliency plan provides physical protection against environmental damage, redundant power, and internet connectivity
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