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How to Remove a Site in SharePoint Getting a 404 Error

How To Remove A Site In SharePoint Getting A 404 Error


If you’re trying to remove a site in SharePoint and keep receiving this message, “Error 404 (Not Found)” or just a blank page, let us give you a hand with that. The reason this message appears is because your site wasn’t completely provisioned in the SharePoint 2013 Central Administration panel.


When you’re trying to delete the site, this is what you’ll notice:

  • Open “SharePoint 2013 Central Administration>Site Collection List” and select the site in question
  • When selecting the site, you’ll notice there is no site information displayed to the right of the list.
  • Click “Delete a site collection.”


Rather than actually deleting the site, you’ll notice that an error pops up or nothing happens at all. Either way, the site still appears in your Site Collection List.


If you attempt to remove your site using SharePoint Management Shell with command remove-spsite, the following error appears:SharePoint Site


The reason this error appears is because the site URL details are not loaded (making the page blank) and you cannot select the site collections. So, deleting the site cannot happen when PowerShell (SharePoint 2013 Management Shell) does not know what site you are requesting to delete.


Since you are unable to remove the site using remove-spsite cmdlet and this cmdlet doesn’t have a force flag, you can use the SPContentDatabase.ForceDeleteSite method:

  • Copy and paste the following code into SharePoint 2013 Management Shell:SharePoint Site Two
  • Replace “https://fullFQDN” with the site URL in your systems administration database.
  • Close


You will notice the site now goes away in Site Collection list. If you get a message back saying you still have an error, it is likely because you did not enter in the URL correctly in the code.


This method only removes the SPSite object from the content database. Artifacts of the site collection on the file system, if any, are not removed. Also, Active Directory accounts associated with the side are not deleted.

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