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How Much Could It Cost to Hire a New IT Manager?

How Much Could It Cost To Hire A New IT Manager?

it-managerPop quiz: how much does the average IT manager make in Kansas City?


According to HR reported data as of June 2015, the average IT manager in the Kansas City area earned a median amount of $107,629 a year. The low end estimates $80K a year, and the high end? That could run as much as $138K a year.


These numbers could be poised to go up, too—according to’s estimates, KC’s IT manager salaries are anywhere from 7 percent to 15 percent behind the average salary nationwide.

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But salary is just the beginning of costs to consider as you plan for your next IT hire. As with any key position, the true cost of a new employee starts with recruitment. And given the shortage of tech talent in Kansas City, recruitment costs can get pretty steep.


These costs could include:

  • Advertising the position
  • The time cost of an internal recruiter or the cost of a contracted recruiter
  • The time cost of reviewing résumés, conducting interviews, and running background checks
  • The time cost of running pre-employment knowledge assessment tests


These numbers will be dependent on your business, but you can start to get an idea of cost adding up the amount time spent on each activity for each candidate as it relates to the person performing that activity’s annual salary. Of course, you’ll still want to consider the intangible costs too, like loss of productivity during the job search and the toll of overworking an employee while an open position waits to be filled.


Once your company gets the right person on board, training costs start to figure into the equation. Training can be one of the most expensive components of investing in a new hire—tallying up to more than $1,200 and 32 hours per employee, per year in some cases. You can start to calculate these costs by figuring in:

  • The time cost of the trainer
  • The time cost of the trainee
  • The cost of any training classes—both initial training and ongoing training


And if you hire the wrong IT manager? Estimates of the average hiring cost of even an $8 an hour employee can tally up to $3,500 in turnover costs (both indirect and direct).


Or you can look at it this way: every time you have to replace your IT manager, it’s costing you an average of six to nine months of that person’s salary to hire the next person.


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