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What Happens during Bad Weather If You’re in the Cloud?

What Happens During Bad Weather If You’re In The Cloud?



It’s official: storm season is upon us. But when severe weather hits, have you ever wondered what really happens to your business-critical data in the cloud?


It’s funny to think that some people believe that thunderstorms can have an effect on the cloud. Fortunately, when we talk about the cloud, we’re not talking about those storm clouds up in the sky—we’re talking about the critical data hosted in a cloud environment that your business relies on for every day functions. This information includes finances, customer information, Microsoft Dynamics or other critical tools your business needs to stay successful. If you’re considering cloud-based solutions for your business, you can stop worrying about thunderstorms and start thinking about what you should look for in a cloud provider to keep this critical information operational.


How NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere Cloud Can Help Your Business

Not all cloud providers are the same. That’s why with a private cloud, like NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere Cloud, it’s easy for your business to stay calm, cool, and collected—whether it’s severe weather season or not. With NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere’s private cloud, your business can function anywhere at any time.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your accounting system, improve your sales process, secure your email system, or better collaborate with your coworkers, NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere Cloud can provide your business with successful tools to help your business grow. These business solutions and services include:

  • Dynamics CRM – CRM systems allow for easy information tracking and sharing to make sure each interaction with a customer or prospect is meaningful and productive. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides marketing with segmented lists of prospects and customers to help sales managers detect trends, identify product problems, and analyze customer demographics and behavior alongside other aspects. Dynamics CRM in NetStandard’s cloud can also help your customer service better manage support and retention.
  • Dynamics GP – Microsoft Dynamics GP helps businesses gain great control of their financials, better manage their inventory and operations, and make informed decisions that help drive business success. Dynamics GP in NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere Cloud will help better organize your business process.
  • Email & Messaging – Our private cloud environment secures your important email communications with Microsoft’s most up-to-date products – Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. These products improve email and messaging productivity that today’s modern workplace depends on.
  • SharePoint –Microsoft SharePoint manages all of the items that are haphazardly being managed today via-email, Excel spreadsheets and file servers. SharePoint in NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere Cloud will enhance your project management process of creating, managing and saving documents, which makes it easier for people to work together.


There are also many other benefits businesses embrace in the cloud, such as reduced cost, mobile working, and 24/7 highly-trained engineer support. The Myappsanywhere Cloud also boasts a 99.999% network guarantee so your critical business information your business needs to function is operational. NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere Cloud secures your critical data from internet based DDoS attacks at no extra cost, consistent monitoring controls evaluated by a team of security professionals, and triple-redundant internet connectivity.


Have additional questions about how moving to the cloud can benefit your business? You can learn more about NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere Cloud here.


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