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Out of the Rack and into the Cloud: A Colo Client Goes Virtual

coloIn part two of our series on the business benefits of virtual hosting, Custom Cloud Manager Leo Hart explains how a long-time colocation client built an environment that brought them the best of both worlds. 


In my last post, I mentioned that I would be blogging about some out-of-the-box Custom Cloud solutions we have been able to provide our clients. The one I’ve chosen to talk about this time has to do with a fairly substantial bare-metal colocated environment that has been housed in our data center for quite some time.   Like many colocation clients, this particular client has historically bought their own Dell hardware and managed it themselves within a private cabinet in our data center environment. They watched over the years as we began to grow a successful public cloud of virtual private servers for a number of other clients, and eventually, they began to express their desire to get out of hardware ownership. The transition away from physical servers, however, seemed daunting, and they were already a busy IT shop.


Enter the Custom Cloud: after a few discussions with the client, I brought our engineers into the fold to assess their environment—approximately 17 servers. Together, we worked out a strategy to convert their physical servers into virtual machines and migrate them over into our public cloud.


Our Custom Cloud team completed the migration for the client, and they ended up keeping some of their physical infrastructure because of the expansion flexibilities the space provided to them. Ultimately, we were able to cross-connect their new virtual environment back into their rack, and they were able to present those servers right behind the same Cisco firewall they already owned and operated.


The whole project was completed over a single weekend, and there was very little downtime for each individual server. Most importantly, however, the participation requirements from the client’s team were minimal—our team completed the majority of the work, and when the environment was handed back to the client’s team, the servers appeared and functioned in their network exactly as they had before when they were running as physical servers.


Their end result? The 17 virtual servers can now take advantage of high-availability (pertaining to hardware failure), and they can grow or contract individual servers, or their network in general, as they deem necessary—all while eliminating the management of hardware warranties and licensing for their 17 servers.  We made all of this happen with two weeks’ notice from when they first let us know they were thinking of virtualizing their servers.


It’s agility and flexibility, as well as expert support, that our clients come to count on in the Custom Cloud. We take great pride in understanding where each company needs help and where they can run with it themselves.

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