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Cloud Security

As organizations explore and define their cloud strategy, they readily identify the expected benefits including reduced capital investment, improved geographic diversity, scalability, agility, and performance.

What the cloud can bring to a given scenario varies, but most organizations can find some clear-cut benefits. So, what are the challenges? Any system or device connected to a network can be compromised and, if the data is sensitive, the reputation and economic risks grow for the data owner.

Cloud-hosted solutions offer both hardware and software on demand over the Internet. Since they are provided over the Internet, the systems themselves are subject to attack. It is only through well-constructed controls that data and systems can be safe.

How Our Team Can Help

Having a team of experienced IT professionals monitoring your secure cloud ensures that your site is delivering accurate page content and is meeting anticipated download speeds. We are able to detect unapproved changes, website tampering, and compromised data.

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