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Custom Private Cloud Solutions

Custom Private Cloud Solutions with NetStandard

Customization is what sets our infrastructure apart from other hosting providers. Instead of adhering to strict architectures that serve the service provider’s capacity goals rather than your own needs, our infrastructure can be custom built piece by piece.

No two packages are the same, making our virtual cloud hosting options ideal for businesses, healthcare groups, financial institutions, nonprofits or professional services companies.

Is private cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics is right for you? The answer is simple. With your Dynamics in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about infrastructure costs, upgrades, servers, or data security.

Your security is our priority, and we have the private data center to prove it.

The service Myappsanywhere has unique security features including, but not limited to:

  • Robust Service Contracts
  • Semi-Annual Audits from Our In-House Data Center
  • Joint Control Frameworks
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Network Redundancies
  • Certified-for-Security ISV Applications
How Our Team Can Help

Myappsanywhere and NetStandard have a dedicated support team of engineers experienced in Microsoft Dynamics implementations available 24x7x365. In our private cloud, you can even leverage dozens of ISV applications that are tested and guaranteed to work in our hosted environment.

Secure Cloud Hosting

Internet-based attacks can cause outages that may cost your company as much as $100,000 an hour. These attacks, commonly referred to as Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks, are capable of bringing your business to a screeching halt. We have teamed up with Radware, a global leader of application security for Fortune 500 companies, to offer your business the best protection available from DDoS attacks. With secure cloud hosting in our data center, protection from a wide range of threats, including application layer attacks, SYN floods, DNS threats, and SQL injections, is available to your business.

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