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Pella Products

A NetStandard Case Study

“When Pella opened their doors in Kansas City there was not a computer in the whole place, but now it is a basic utility. It would not be possible to operate without IT any more than trying to operate without lights, telephone or plumbing.”
Chan Lundy, Pella Products CEO

The team at Pella Products of Kansas City proudly installs innovative, energy-efficient and high quality window and door products for homes and businesses while providing outstanding service for their customers. Pella’s multiple locations are dedicated to a worry-free approach to replacement doors and windows and they need computer hardware and software solutions that not only record the availability of inventory but also track the products as they head to the field.

Managed Services for Manufacturing and Distribution

Leveraging NetStandard’s Clarity managed IT services helps Pella save management time, thereby allowing company executives to focus on their core business rather than on their IT.

With virtual servers, Pella’s technology is readily scalable such that an increase in business is not limited by IT resources, but virtual servers are just one part of the solution that Clarity brings to Pella. Despite a dramatic reduction in new home construction in recent years, Clarity managed IT services has helped Pella maintain profitability thanks to the dynamic flexibility to adjust to changing business conditions.

Distribution companies depend on IT to increase efficiency, react to seasonal fluctuations in business and track product while it’s out in the field. Clarity managed IT services has allowed Pella to install windows rather than install servers.

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