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A NetStandard Case Study

“I definitely rest much easier knowing that NetStandard is working behind the scenes to watch our system. I appreciate [their Technology Managers] very much, and I enjoy working with them.”
Trish Hilliard-Emmons, OrthoKansas Administrator

Lawrence-based OrthoKansas was suffocating under stacks and stacks of medical records. After 39 years of providing comprehensive orthopedic care to countless clients—including the collegiate athletes at the University of Kansas and Baker University—OrthoKansas’ paper-friendly team was forced to begin storing sensitive medical records in an off-site location. After a series of negative experiences with technology left OrthoKansas reluctant to try paperless storage solutions, the benefits of paper seemed to outweigh the drawbacks of storage and security risk. That is, until the new healthcare law required a transition to electronic medical records for all Medicare providers, like OrthoKansas, by 2014.

39 years of comprehensive orthopedic care, up to 50 simultaneous IT system users, one part-time IT professional
All With Outsourced IT

Pending regulations, compounded with the resignation of OrthoKansas’ on-staff IT manager, sparked the management team to seek new IT options. Throughout the selection process, OrthoKansas sought an IT provider that could take a cohesive, big picture approach to IT in a fast-paced, high-demand healthcare environment. The pending transition to electronic medical records mandated by law for Medicare providers, as well as digital imaging needs, were key concerns for OrthoKansas. Plus, the office was interested in digitizing its practice management, billing and appointment scheduling. After a short search, OrthoKansas elected NetStandard as its Clarity Managed Services provider.

The transition to managed services with NetStandard included a large virtualization project to replace OrthoKansas’ aging network infrastructure, a backup and redundancy plan that meets evolving federal and state healthcare regulations, and the implementation of an electronic medical records system that not only fulfills OrthoKansas’ administrative requirements but also complies with government Meaningful Use regulations.

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