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Why Businesses Should Embrace Remote IT Support Services

Why Businesses Should Embrace Remote IT Support Services

Information technology (IT) teams play a crucial role in maintaining business operations. Advancements in technology, as well as the need to provide high-quality services, have made a company’s tech efficiency more important than ever. For small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), IT is crucial to achieving company goals and providing necessary tech solutions to employees. With remote tech support services, you can keep your business devices connected and running at an optimal rate; this allows you to spend less time solving technical problems and more time focusing on building your brand.

Remote Tech Support: Troubleshooting IT Issues Efficiently

Remote support gives technical experts access to a network from an external computer to solve issues in real time should they arise. It is invaluable to your business because this service takes care of nearly any IT related task, including malware scans, drive installation, software upgrades, and virus removal.

Remote IT Help: The Preferred Channel for Support Requests

When it comes to tech support, the back-and-forth communication between customers and agents can be stressful. It can be time-consuming to figure out what’s causing the problem and how to fix it. Achieving customer satisfaction can sometimes be a challenge and result in compromised the service.

A study of 200 IT and customer support agents from GetApp Lab, an online resource for business trends, insights, and research, shows that technical support teams prefer remote support over other channels when solving client requests. Of the respondents, 29 percent considered remote support the best channel for their requests, followed by live chat and phone support.

The data reveals that 31 percent of agents say that remote support makes it easier for them to understand tech support requests, while another 34 percent claimed that it helped them address requests faster.

An Efficient Method for Resolving Client Issues

Depending on the channel of delivery, tech support can vary in terms of speed, accuracy, and the level of customer satisfaction. In between a customer’s request and the time the issue is solved, complications could arise. A failure to accurately communicate a problem or solution can result in loss of productivity and frustration.

Below are the main reasons why remote IT support services are an efficient way to resolve hardware and software issues:

Real-time Solutions-The GetApp Lab study reports that 24 percent of tech experts consider remote IT support services the best way to resolve issues quickly and eliminates the need for back-and-forth between agents and customers.

Fast and Convenient Service-Business owners allocate a significant amount of their budget to on-site tech support when they could have solved those issues quickly and easily through an online service. Remote IT services provide an immediate fix; they address the problem quickly and find the best solution for said problem.

Cost Savings-Remote IT support services lower operating costs because technicians do not have to spend time or money traveling to and from an office location. Businesses also save money by not having to pay an in-house IT department.

Better Situation Control-Remote support makes it easier for agents to understand the support request because they have better visibility to the cause of the problem than they would if the request was communicated through phone or email. Through the platform, tech experts can interact with the machine as though they were on-site.

After-hours Services-The reality is that technical issues don’t always happen during business hours. Remote support can provide an ideal solution to an IT issue even after everyone has left for the day. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is on track with minimal disruption.

Indirect Communication-Tech support offers less face-time, allowing for a lower probability of miscommunication. The “barrier” between customers and agents create an ideal situation to deliver a speedier resolution.

Renewed Business Focus-Focusing on IT can be a tedious and time-consuming task that could compromise company growth. With remote support for IT services, you can focus on your business and enjoy the scalable support that grows with your company.

Establishing Realistic Expectations for Support Delivery

Remote tech support is one of the quickest ways to resolve an IT issue, but clients should still know how immediate a resolution can be determined. Data from the GetApp Lab survey show that 73 percent of remote support requests are resolved within a day, while 34 percent are addressed within a few hours. Some customers may expect a resolution instantly, and turn impatient when it takes more than a day to fix an issue.

Minimizing frustrations comes with the responsibility of communicating the recovery and troubleshooting process clearly. The GetApp Lab survey notes that unrealistic time expectations are the second biggest challenge when delivering remote support (16.8 percent), after security or privacy concerns. You should expect your support staff to be proactive when setting expectations for delivery.

Searching for the Right Support Software

Remote technical support is a win-win for your business. This type of support service makes it easy to diagnose issues, configure settings, and improve agent productivity.

Choosing the right software will allow you to set up remote sessions quickly, manage the support queue, and connect on various platforms. The ideal remote support solution should provide the following:

  1. Ease of setup and installation for the customer and IT department.
  2. End-user control capabilities to ensure privacy and security during the remote session.
  3. Work on multiple platforms like PC, Windows, and mobile devices.
  4. Reporting and monitoring features to help users identify session length, average wait times, other essential usage statistics.
  5. Multiple screen and file-sharing capabilities
  6. Service desk and help desk integration qualities for easier management of support requests.

Utilizing remote IT support services offer many benefits to businesses and are one of the most efficient ways to solve IT-related problems in real-time with minimal frustration.

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