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Building Care Kits with Heart to Heart International

Heart-to-Heart-KitsOn January 9, NetStandard partnered with Heart to Heart International and assembled personal hygiene kits for those in need around the world. Together, NetStandard packaged 1,080 kits and gave communities a first step toward staying healthy. These care kits are a crucial part of Heart to Heart’s mission, and you can learn more about them here.


Employees and family members met at Heart to Heart International’s operations hub on a cold Saturday in Lenexa, KS.  The morning began with a tour of the facility, where NetStandard volunteers learned more about Heart to Heart’s mission. Care kits are distributed to countries in need of medical aid, such as Haiti, Nepal, Cuba and more. Volunteers were eager to get started, especially because of the strong partnership shared with Heart to Heart. NetStandard supports Heart to Heart with the technology used to run their facility and make sure shipping packages have the correct scanning technology systems. In fact, NetStandard employee Mike Williams will soon be traveling to the Haiti office to perform Heart to Heart’s network upgrade.


Personal hygiene is one of the top needs for people struggling with the unexpected loss of shelter, food and water due to disaster. Heart to Heart Care Kits offer that first line of defense against the spread of illness, a first step toward good heath, and they provide dignity in a small bag for those who have suffered during crises.


Employees and family members worked heartily Saturday to package hygiene items each person will receive. Individual bags were filled with shampoo, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, comb, and bandages. The bags will be shipped to the pending countries on Heart to Heart’s ‘in need’ list.


Every day, Heart to Heart welcomes groups and individuals to volunteer at the operations hub to assemble kits. Heart to Heart International receives large in-kind donations from medical supply and pharmaceutical companies, which they channel to safety-net clinics and medical teams. If you want to help out Heart to Heart International, you can learn more about volunteering here.


Heart to Heart distributes medications, lab reagents, medical equipment and many other necessities, making them available to a network of qualified hospitals, clinics and medical teams. They work with global transportation partners at FedEx to send the critically-needed aid to humanitarian partners around the world. Whether it’s a tornado in the Midwest, a typhoon in the Philippines or an earthquake in Haiti, disasters always strike the poorest communities hardest. These kits serve as a first line of health defense, helping to prevent the spread of disease and can help people retain dignity in the worst possible conditions.


Since 1992, Heart to Heart International has shipped humanitarian aid to more than 120 countries around the world. Check out our pictures below from the event!

Kit-Building Kits Big-Group

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