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So you want to build your own IT department to try and save your business some money? We get it. On the surface, building your own IT department seems a lot cheaper than going with a managed IT services provider. But the truth is, when businesses start looking at the cost to build an IT department compared to the cost of partnering with a local IT company, the differences can be rather eye opening, and not in a good way.


Before you can build the department, you have to first hire the right people. An IT department takes the right people with the right skills to make sure your technology is running efficiently. Get your wallet ready, because these salaries are what will drive up your budgeting costs.


According to the 2015 Salary Guide for IT Professionals in Kansas City, the average base salary for an IT manager is $80,786 – and that’s just for a small business. What’s worse is this number can increase due to the demand for the position. Let’s take a more realistic look at the average salaries you could be spending on internal IT:


IT Manager$80,786$107,582$136,725
Systems Administrator$49,275$64,857$86,449
Systems Administrator, Senior$68,485$90,479$107,238
Help Desk Support, Senior$42,623$56,071$72,530
Installation & Maintenance Technician$37,277$51,746$66,522


These numbers prove companies are willing to rear up salaries to lure in talent, but you’ll also need to make sure when hiring this staff you have the skills sets to match your infrastructure needs. Not all IT pros are the same—most have specialized skillsets or areas of IT they work in (e.g., infrastructure, security, help desk). Finding the right person with the right skills can be challenging, since most talented specialists aren’t broad in their capabilities. And just when you think you have the right internal IT staff, there’s always additional on-the-job training they will need to undergo, which adds up your costs.


To make things MORE complicated, your IT department is still not fully built after you hire the right person (or persons). It’s not all about the salaries, it’s about the entire IT department being fully equipped with the right technology that is secure and up-to-date. Some of the hidden IT costs most companies don’t think about include:

  • Desktop hardware
  • Software licenses
  • Setup fees
  • Data backup and maintenance
  • Network services
  • Electricity usage
  • Spare parts
  • Storage
  • 24 hour support (on call pay)


The final piece of the puzzle is experience. What happens when your IT person gets in over his or her head? Who will they call for help? Or worse—will they trudge through the problem without asking for help?


Building your own IT department may seem like the cheaper option for IT at first glance. If you’re considering the option for your business, contact us first. We can help you identify what and whom you will need to have a successful IT experience.


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