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Ascend Integrated Media

A NetStandard Case Study

“A hardware refresh would have cost us thousands of dollars, plus people, plus licenses. Now we have no server costs and our software costs are minimal.”
Scott Harold, Ascend Integrated Media Vice President of Digital Media

As a custom media and marketing services agency with more than 30 years of experience, Ascend Integrated Media is led by seasoned media veterans who recognize that today’s companies and event owners can improve their outcomes by leveraging the skills of outside experts to develop and manage their content needs. The Kansas-based agency has received 59 national awards in the last three years for its work.

Ascend Integrated Media is uniquely positioned to work with associations, nonprofits, government agencies and companies to develop and produce brand-enhancing communications products. The company engages on behalf of the client to create, produce and distribute print, digital and mobile content associated with marketing, branding and social media initiatives.

However, despite the company’s innovative approach to custom publishing, Ascend Integrated Media was using in-house legacy systems to run their customer relationship management, accounting, project cost, FTP/file share and production applications. The software applications the company was leveraging were hitting or already beyond their end-of-life, and the in-house hardware was well past its end-of-life usability.


Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud

By moving their business operations to the Myappsanywhere Cloud, Ascend Integrated Media was able to replace its legacy application systems with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010 and SummitStream’s ProjectStream. These applications were able to create an integrated experience across multiple departments within the business. Additionally, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud enabled Ascend Integrated Media to eliminate 12 aging servers, thus preventing the company from having to spend money on new servers to replace their outdated infrastructure.

“We see it as a strategic tool to make better decisions on how to run our business,” says CFO Missy Ling. “The level of automation and the efficiencies we’ve gained in even the short time that we’ve been live are noticeable.”

Total savings for Ascend Integrated Media from cloud computing with Myappsanywhere are estimated to total to $266,411 over three years. By moving their business to NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere Cloud, Ascend Integrated Media avoided implementing an on-premise solution that would have cost almost half a million dollars over the same time frame.

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