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The IT Areas You Can Outsource to a Managed Services Provider

The IT Areas You Can Outsource To A Managed Services Provider

Outsourcing is an excellent way for startups and small businesses to effectively take care of certain IT tasks. By outsourcing IT-related necessities, small business owners can save money and reap other benefits for their organization.

What IT Areas Can You Outsource to a Managed Services Provider?

Businesses thinking of harnessing the benefits of outsourcing may delegate these IT areas to a managed services provider.


Outsourcing network systems, servers, and other IT-related infrastructure to a reliable provider saves businesses thousands of dollars in labor and costs. This is because building the in-house infrastructure tailored to the needs of the business is neither easy nor cheap. It requires a large budget to purchase the necessary equipment and software. Additionally, highly skilled IT staff is needed to maintain the IT infrastructure.

Handing off the infrastructure to a trustworthy third party allows small businesses and startups to cut their budgets, as the service provider owns the software or equipment and is responsible for operating and troubleshooting the systems. Business owners simply need to pay on a subscription or per-use basis.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting enables a business to access information anytime, anywhere using any compatible device. Hosting an in-house system for cloud computing purposes, however, is expensive. On top of that, it poses security risks if the technology used by the business is outdated.

When business owners outsource cloud technology, they can focus on using the cloud, as opposed to maintaining it. Outsourcing cloud hosting saves businesses thousands of dollars in monthly hosting expenses. They don’t need to shell out cash to rent space for their servers, as well.


Defending a business against the latest sophisticated cyber-attacks requires a combination of technology, security expertise, and intelligence. Organizations that lack the necessary resources to build these capabilities in-house should outsource cybersecurity plans to a service provider that delivers ample protection against cyber threats.

Handing off cybersecurity functions to a team of experts eliminates the need to invest in round-the-clock IT security staffing and training. On top of that, it significantly minimizes the load on already-stretched IT employees who are carrying the additional responsibility of managing security.

Outsourcing cybersecurity to a trusted third-party provider improves incident response times and threat detection. A team of outsourced experts in charge of surveying your 24/7 IT security operations and responding to real-time incidents relieves employees of the time-consuming work of checking system alarms and logs, triaging security incidents for remediation, and removing false positives.

IT Tasks that Businesses Can’t Automate

Taking on repetitive IT tasks can be too time-consuming. Typically, the solution to this problem would be to come up with a script or software that can automate the process. If automating these tasks isn’t possible, business owners should consider outsourcing.  Businesses that want to delegate these tedious tasks to a third-party provider can create detailed and step-by-step documentation.

Business Applications

While developing apps customized to the business staff and operations may seem like a good idea, hiring someone to create and build tailored business apps requires a considerable investment in money, time, and patience. Instead of employing in-house IT staff for this task, organizations can outsource their business applications to a provider of business suites, such as Microsoft Office 365.

The Other Benefits of Outsourcing to a Managed Services Provider

When you outsource the IT needs of your business to a managed services provider, your organization as a whole will enjoy the following benefits:

Access to the Latest Technology and Experts

You can obtain advice from a service provider’s team of IT experts to assist you in making the appropriate technology decisions for your business. You gain access to the latest support and technology from a team that’s proficient in deploying it effectively.

Increased Flexibility

If you decide to modify the technology strategy of your business, your provider will have the services and tools necessary to help you transition into your new platform. Working with a service provider also gives you the flexibility to scale up (or down) rapidly when there’s a change in the needs of your company. Your provider, for instance, can quickly bring in extra online storage and servers when your company is expanding rapidly and requires additional server and storage capacity.

Diminished Risk of Data Loss

Managed solution providers make sure that your business has appropriate defenses, such as firewalls, event monitoring software, and security information, to minimize the risk of data loss. They often maintain certification in the security standards required to safeguard sensitive customer and business data.

Reduced Risk of Downtime

Service providers help your business decrease the risk of disruption due to system downtime. They have state-of-the-art facilities with redundant devices that keep the operations of your business going.

Improved Focus on Core Business

IT, for many companies, is a support function and not a core competency. If your business isn’t technology, it may be difficult to bring on board and retain an in-house IT team with excellent skills. Outsourcing allows your management to focus on the company’s business development and core competencies instead of struggling with technology problems. On top of that, providers offer guaranteed service level agreements and 24/7 support to let you get more work done with fewer operational hiccups.

Higher Employee Morale

Outsourcing, when handled correctly, can contribute to the rise of your employees’ morale. It lets your workers concentrate on the job you hired them to do, while the reliable systems coming from the service provider allow employees to be more productive at their core tasks. As a result, your workers are less likely to burn out and quit.

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