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Are Backups Keeping You Up At Night?

Are Backups Keeping You Up At Night?

failed-harddriveBackups—the word alone can send a ripple of anxiety through even the most stoic CEO.


Every week, thousands of hard drives crash across the United States. They take with them employee information files, Marketing’s creative files, financial documents, intellectual property information, and so much more. Thanks to data backup solutions, some businesses survive a hard drive crash with little to no interruption—and if the business has backups running, then restoring information shouldn’t be an issue.


So why the anxiety?


CEOs often rely on second-hand reports from their IT team. Even though they’re being told that backups of critical business data exist, there can be questions as to whether or not those backups are being tested regularly or are working effectively.


According to MSPmentor, 24% of respondents admitted to not telling their CEOs that they are not backing up all files. Almost 40% admitted they worry about their data not being saved securely. And the anxiety doesn’t end there:

  • Recent survey data released during National Small Business Week shows only 32% of respondents said they complete daily backups. Fifteen percent said their most recent backup is up to a month old. Yikes!
  • The IT pros surveyed believe it would cost their companies an average of $468,610 in lost revenue if they lost all their data files.
  • Michelle Consulting Group calculated 6% of all computers experience data loss each year. That number may not look high, but imagine how it would feel to fall in that six percent.
  • Of the businesses that do backup their data, 34% never test it. Backups can’t always perform under pressure. There are problems with overly complex backup applications, settings that do not work as expected, and hardware issues. All these factors conspire to produce backups that are not what we need when we need it. Regular testing will help remedy that your business is prepared for the next disaster.
  • A company that’s down for 10 Days after a natural disaster will not survive the next year. Your company may be able to bounce back after a power outage for an hour, but could it survive if the next super storm came through your city? A good, recent backup can get your business up and running even if your building is out of commission.
  • Backups can save you from the dreaded Crypto viruses. Have a recent backup? Getting rid of ransomware viruses like Crypto is as easy as a file delete and backup restore away—no paying ransoms in bitcoin!


Not all backup solutions are created equal

While it is important that you have a backup solution in place, you will want it to be accurate and reliable. Backing up with tape has been around for a long time, and its fast being replaced by a more reliable cloud-based tool. To alleviate your concerns, cloud backup service has the data encrypted and stored on a remote server. With a secure facility, there is virtually no risk of files being corrupted or lost while data is in transfer or storage. There is also no threat of losing the data as a result of natural disasters such as storms, fires or malicious acts.


Have data recovery questions? Talk to us about online backup services.

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