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10 Free Add-in Apps for Outlook to Strengthen Your Business’ Strategy


When it comes to being successful at a business, it’s is all about building relationships and personal connections. Often, these personal connections are made face-to-face in an informal, friendly environment, or over a cup of coffee. That’s why the Microsoft team is making it easier for you to do business while building that personal connection all with your Outlook email.

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Ending Our Email Signature Woes

IT-SkillsIf you’ve ever tried to enforce a corporate signature across all email users, you know the frustrations: sending out signatures with custom information is time consuming, and getting users to actually use the approved signature requires a good deal of back-and-forth emailing. Even then, there is no way to know if the user is actually using the signature you have approved. Tack on the fact that you’ll have a few rogues in the bunch—the ones who use a headshot of their choosing or add in information you didn’t approve—and it’s enough to make any marketer crazy.

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