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Data Monitoring & Real-Time Systems Management


Surveyor is NetStandard’s unique remote network monitoring service. As part of our Clarity managed services, Surveyor is at the heart of our ability to proactively deliver high-caliber IT management. With the eyes of Surveyor monitoring your network around the clock, you can move your business forward without worrying about dealing with IT catastrophes.
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No solution provider can guarantee zero downtime. However, with the blend of tools, processes and experts that Clarity offers, you can significantly improve overall performance and reliability for your business’ network. Click here to learn more about Clarity.

Stability and Reliability

Surveyor delivers best-in-class monitoring automation that oversees and manages hundreds of data points every second. Surveyor’s low impact Agent allows us to discover, assess and resolve most problems before they ever cause an issue for your business operations. In many cases, you won’t even know your network has had an issue until your Surveyor report arrives at the end of the month.

Automatic Responses

With Surveyor, we can use our powerful scripting engine to automate responses to conditions and alert the NetStandard team to issues before they impact your productivity. Surveyor also provides Windows Patch Management, third-party updates, and software management alerting using whitelists and blacklists. With Surveyor, we can even automate preventative maintenance tasks to keep PCs and laptops running at peak performance. Should a problem arise, Surveyor allows secure, remote desktop support access from NetStandard’s service desk.

Plan for Future Growth

Surveyor monitors all aspects of your network and predicts your future needs so we can help you plan ahead for changes in your infrastructure. Rather than waiting for your network to hit critical mass, we will alert you to needed updates well in advance so that you have time to budget and prepare for increased needs.

Surveyor monitoring is available as a part of NetStandard's Clarity IT managed services. Contact us to learn more about how managed services can transform your business technology, or you can visit our webpage here.