Realizing Productivity Gains and Cost Savings with IT Managed Services for Manufacturing

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Sauder Custom Fabrication

Sauder Custom Fabrication has been providing custom design and fabrication of steel since opening the doors of their factory in 1925. Over the years, many competitors have tried to break in to manufacturing niche, but by holding the dependability of suppliers at the forefront of their operating model, Sauder Custom Fabrication has remained at the forefront of Kansas’ manufacturing industry.


Faced with a tough economy in 2008, Sandy Moore, Vice President, made the difficult decision of cutting the workforce and was forced to assume many roles and responsibilities herself. One of these responsibilities was Sauder Custom Fabrication’s IT. Moore discovered her company was working with an archaic system that had been introduced just years after the VCR made its debut.


Managed Services for Manufacturing

Investing in Clarity, NetStandard’s IT managed services offering, is Moore’s legacy to the company. Moore says that the cost savings – both quantifiable and subjective – have been outstanding. According to Moore, the actual return in labor hours saved, speed of information, accuracy of information and retrieval of information has significantly increased the total return on investment.


32 million lbs. customized steel, 35 years of archived data, 3 custom software solutions, Outsourced IT

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Manufacturing today faces enormous competitive challenges, and staying in the game requires more than just a good product. It requires state-of-the-art technology, always-available networks, and constant visibility throughout the entire supply chain. When invoicing, archiving and document management cause pain, you have less time to run your business.


Clarity is much more than a managed IT solution. Clarity revolutionizes IT and provides an expert or engineer for every technology-based operation your business needs to perform. Allow yourself to focus on the information powering your business while NetStandard maintains a laser focus on the Technology.


Download our free study and learn how Sauder Custom Fabrication improved its ability to get the right information to the right people at the right time to increase productivity and competitiveness while significantly reducing costs with Clarity managed services for manufacturing.