Flexible, reliable and professionally efficient. That’s Your Business in the Custom Cloud.

NetStandard's Custom Cloud

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Virtual Servers Delivered with Expert Service

Custom Cloud is NetStandard’s premier virtual server solution designed to meet your business’ specific needs. Built on a Fortune 500 custom infrastructure, our Custom Cloud offers a hassle-free approach to virtual servers that delivers scalable IBM computing power, a personal service approach and an affordable price point. With NetStandard’s Custom Cloud, you can streamline your IT infrastructure, lower your technology costs and gain the agility you need to grow your business.

If You Dream It, We Can Build It

That’s what sets the Custom Cloud apart from other virtual server solutions, which often adhere to strict architectures that serve the service provider’s capacity goals rather than your business needs. In the Custom Cloud, whether you run a business, healthcare group, bank, nonprofit or professional services company, our virtual servers can be provisioned and launched quickly to match the needs of your industry with ultimate flexibility, scalability and high availability.

Secure Fortune 500 Network Infrastructure.

NetStandard delivers the Cloud via VMware Vsphere, the most trusted virtualization platform in the industry for building cloud infrastructures. The architecture of our Custom Cloud is erected on a robust, reliable foundation consistently favored by Fortune 500 companies and readily familiar to IBM users—all with the comfort of knowing NetStandard’s expert engineers will provide support from start to finish. If you already own physical hardware, we can combine what you have with our virtual platform, whether it’s a single server environment or a sprawling database application cluster.