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Secure Cloud Hosting

Custom Cloud

Customization is what sets our infrastructure apart from other hosting providers. Rather than adhering to strict architectures that serve the service provider’s capacity goals rather than your business needs, our infrastructure can be built piece by piece. No two packages are the same, making our virtual hosting options ideal for businesses, healthcare groups, financial institutions, nonprofits or professional services companies. Better yet, you are welcome to visit your virtual infrastructure in our secure data center any time you like. We are located just south of the Kansas City metro, with additional sites in Lenexa, Dallas, Sacramento, and downtown Kansas City.

Secure Cloud Hosting
Internet-based attacks can cause outages that may cost your company as much as $100,000 an hour. These attacks, commonly referred to as Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks, are capable of bringing your business to a screeching halt. We have teamed up with Radware, a global leader of application security for Fortune 500 companies, to offer your business the best protection available from DDoS attacks. With secure cloud hosting in our AccessPortal, protection from a wide range of threats, including application layer attacks, SYN floods, DNS threats, and SQL injections, is provided at no additional cost to your business.

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Additionally, we deliver our secure cloud hosting via VMware Vsphere, the most trusted virtualization platform in the industry for building cloud infrastructures. The architecture of our Custom Cloud is erected on a robust, reliable foundation favored by Fortune 500 companies and familiar to IBM users—all with the comfort of knowing NetStandard’s expert engineers will provide support from start to finish. If you already own physical hardware, we can combine what you have with our virtual platform, whether it’s a single server environment or a sprawling database application cluster.

24/7 Support
Our support is here when you need it and invisible when you don't. From service desk to hands-on engineering, our team of expert engineers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Custom Cloud is designed for small to mid-sized businesses that don’t have access to ample IT resources to manage and troubleshoot performance and scalability—that’s why we have provided videos, user documents and staff members who can sit down with you to personally demonstrate how to build the best infrastructure for your business.


  • xceligent“Constant churn of hardware has continually created more headaches than it’s typically worth.  NetStandard’s Custom Cloud Virtual Servers allowed me to take my existing bare metal machines and quickly convert them into their public cloud.  This has significantly lessened the hardware issues I have to deal with in our overall environment.”

    Rick Shuler, Director of Technical Services, Xceligent
  • Bott“For over a decade, NetStandard Inc. has given us dependable service and superior technical expertise and more recently, having our file servers co-located at their secure facility gives us a huge sense of peace. Their partnership has been indispensable to our company’s growth and success.”

    Tom Holdeman, CFO, Bott Radio Network
  • Marlen“NetStandard’s Custom Cloud gives the Marlen team and me the ability to utilize hosted virtual infrastructure that is paired with our collocated equipment in the same data center, all behind the same firewall.  It allows us to choose which workloads are best left on our own equipment and which are better suited to run virtually on more flexible and resilient resources.”

    Travis Stoll, IT/IS Manager, Marlen International Inc.


The Custom Cloud AccessPortal is our self-service approach to Infrastructure-as-a-Service. With the AccessPortal, you can manage your own environment while still having access to one-on-one support and personal explanations of how you can take advantage of the services available to your business.

Want to learn more about our self-service AccessPortal? You can watch all of our video tutorials hereWATCH VIDEOS.

The AccessPortal is architected with isolated VLANs and virtual networking resources that you control from top to bottom. You can even establish a site-to-site VPN to extend your office network into our environment and utilize the cloud resources as if they were sitting in your server closet.

To ensure you get the cleanest traffic to your infrastructure, we have implemented non-volumetric DDoS protection at no extra cost to our AccessPortal customers. That means all resources in the AccessPortal will have every byte of data filtered for zero-day protection against the growing threat of DDoS—even companies with small infrastructure footprints. No configuration is required, and the protection goes right up to the maximum speed of our entire upstream connection to the web.

Our Hosting Includes:

  • Included protection from internet-based attacks
  • Made-to-order architecture
  • High availability failover
  • Hybrid hosting with physical and/or virtual servers
  • Month-to-month contracts
  • VMware platform
  • 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Flexible bandwidth scaling
  • SSAE 16 Type II attested data center in Kansas City

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The key to our secure cloud hosting is our custom approach. See a sampling of hosting packages we can offer your business.