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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Client Solutions


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is go-to customer relationship management tool for sales and marketing teams, thanks to its minimal need for training, detailed reporting capabilities, and prospect management functions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is ideal for companies that have grown their sales pipeline to the point where spreadsheets can no longer do the trick, and it’s one of the best tools on the market for tracking sales prospects from first touch to account management.

We can help you customize your Microsoft Dynamics CRM experience to match your unique sales goals, reporting needs, and specific workflows for your industry, thus helping your team achieve a higher degree of sales efficiency. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, applications and programs act as an extension of the familiar applications in the Microsoft Office suite, so training and usability is simple for all users. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also a powerful reporting tool for sales and marketing results, ensuring your team can track the progress and value of leads in one integrated system. Plus, event-driven workflows can provide real-time visibility into your sales pipeline, leading to actionable results for your sales team.

With modules for sales, marketing, and customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution that drives consistent, measurable improvements in every business process, enabling closer relationships with prospects and customers and helping sales and marketing teams achieve new levels of profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Includes:

  • Opportunity and Sales Process Management with Workflows for Multiple Lines of Business
  • Pipeline Optimization
  • Social Media Plugins for Gaining Insight into Prospects
  • Mobile Functionality for CRM Access Out of the Office
  • Quote Generation for Sales Quotes
  • Order Management with Open Order Views in a Single Dashboard
  • Sales Force Management for Tracking Opportunities and Viewing Custom Pipelines
  • Sales Literature Storage within CRM
  • Email Responses with Outlook Integration to Send and Track Emails from within CRM
  • Campaign Information for Tracking Leads and Seeing Full ROI on Marketing Campaigns
  • Customer and Lead Lists with Custom Views Based on Search Results or Campaigns
  • Campaign templates for Duplicating Reoccurring Marketing Campaigns
  • Automated Routing and Queuing

Recommended Additions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Myappsanywhere Cloud

In the Myappsanywhere Cloud, deploying and configuring Microsoft Dynamics with your current technology is easy. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s flexible interface, you can choose to license just the functions you and your team need, which could save your business big money. If you need to add additional users or capabilities, doing so is easy—we can always add or subtract users to match the exact needs of your business, so no more paying for licenses you’re not using. Plus, Microsoft Dynamics CRM readily integrates with all Microsoft Dynamics technology, including Microsoft Dynamics GP business financial solutions, Outlook for email, and SharePoint’s power of collaboration, making it easier than ever to strengthen your business relationships from the point of sale to ongoing management.
Hosting Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Myappsanywhere
  • Improved user experience
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and SharePoint
  • Enhanced support for customized solutions
  • Supports add-on applications
  • No user minimums
  • Multi-browser and mobile device support
  • Month-to-month pricing with no long-term contracts
  • 1 GB of storage per user
  • 24 hour support included in monthly costs
  • Certified Dynamics engineers on staff
  • Access to our self-service user portal
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
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