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Myappsanywhere Cloud FAQs


Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Is my company a good fit for cloud computing?
Most companies can benefit from moving their software and infrastructure to the cloud, but companies that have the most to gain are those with aging equipment, seasonal swings in the number of software users or 10% or greater expected annual growth. Companies testing new geographies or locations and companies with a mobile workforce are also very good fits for cloud computing.

Can Myappsanywhere support my business’s regulatory compliance needs?
Yes! If your company is subject to regulatory compliance demands (i.e., FFIEC, GLBA, SEC, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc.), then our SSAE 16 attested data center (the home of our cloud) can help your business pass audits, inspections and checkpoints that will ensure your security compliances are met.

What kind of support do you provide?
NetStandard's Myappsanywhere customers will receive the support of a dedicated team of engineers (all located in the U.S.) who are experienced in Microsoft Dynamics implementations. Our service desk is 24x7Xx65 for basic requests; application support is available during normal business from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time U.S.

Is my data secure in the cloud?
Your data is secure in the Myappsanywhere Cloud. Our unique security features include robust service contracts, semi-annual audits of our in-house data center, joint control frameworks, environment monitoring, network redundancies, certified-for-security ISV applications and more in our private cloud environment.

What is Myappsanywhere’s system availability?
Myappsanywhere’s environment boasts a 99.999% network uptime guarantee with more than five years of no downtime. Our environment is hosted in our privately owned, U.S.-based SSAE 16 Type II data center, and our operations are subjected to regular third-party audits that ensure we are providing the data security and integrity you are looking for.

How are upgrades handled?
Upgrades to your licenses are included in our premium support offering. If you do not subscribe to our premium support, then it is handled as a billable project.

What if I want to add applications to customize my cloud environment?
Depending on your industry, you may need applications for project management, supply chain management, ticket printing, point-of-sale or business intelligence. We can customize your Microsoft Dynamics-based environment with the help of nearly 30 Certified ISV partners.

Will I be subjected to long-term contracts?
Myappsanywhere works on a month-to-month pricing model, so there are no long-term contracts to worry about. Service provider licensing can be leveraged so that you can rent software licenses by the month and avoid upfront capital expenses. The month-to-month pricing model allows for the delivery of a highly customized and agile solution in a format that is affordable and predictable. While Myappsanywhere does not require long term contracts, there are some ISV partners that may requirement quarterly or annual commitments.

Where is your data center located?
Myappsanywhere’s environment operates within NetStandard’s privately owned SSAE 16 Type II data center in the greater Kansas City area. Additional data center sites around the U.S. provide proper redundancies and serve as disaster recovery sites for our hosted customers.

What’s SSAE 16 mean?
SSAE 16 is an enhancement to the current standard for Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization that was originally called SAS70. SSAE 16 is an independent auditor’s report expressing an opinion on the design and operating effectiveness of internal controls. SSAE 16 attestation means that companies hosted in our data center can have the assurance that our internal control practices are sound.

Can I bring my own licenses to the cloud?
Of course! As long as you are current and stay current with your annual enhancement with Microsoft, you can easily transfer your licenses to the Myappsanywhere Cloud. If you are bringing licenses to the Myappsanywhere environment, the cost per user per month will be less than the SPLA pricing (which we also offer), but you will get all of the benefits of SPLA. That means that server patches, upgrades, support and all of our other features are still included in the cloud, no matter which route you take. Learn more about License Mobility with Microsoft here.

What is the Myappsanywhere backup policy?
The Myappsanywhere Hosted Applications are in a virtual server environment. Myappsanywhere completes daily backups of a point-in-time image of all the virtual servers in addition to specific backups. These backups are meant for major data loss or corruption recovery purposes to continue normal business life.

Will I still own the data I put in the Myappsanywhere Cloud?
Yes. Not every hosting provider allows hosted customers to own their data, but at Myappsanywhere, your data will belong to you for as long as you are hosted in our environment.

How often do you update your hardware? What type is it?
We update our hardware constantly as we grow, and old equipment is cycled out of production every three to four years. Most of our hardware is comprised of IBM enterprise class servers, Brocade switches, IBM and EMC fibre channel SANs, and Cisco routers.

Why not use the Windows Azure platform?
Windows Azure is a public cloud environment that allows custom development and hosting of cloud applications. It is VERY different from our private cloud environment. Azure requires changes to the application to work in the environment. Azure charges are based on cost per CPU second, cost per disk, cost for memory and COST for data movement in the cloud. The data migration fees to/from the environment can be significant depending on the application.