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Microsoft Dynamics GP for Financial Solutions


Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a wealth of resources for building and sustaining a thriving business. This robust accounting tool is at its core a business management solution that provides growing and midsized organizations with complete and scalable financial and operational functionality. It's perfect for companies that have outgrown entry-level accounting tools (like QuickBooks), and thanks to its familiar Microsoft Office platform, it's easy for users to start pulling financial reports and analyzing data right away.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is easily tailored to meet the custom needs of medium and small businesses from a broad range of industries, and it's capable of streamlining everything from financial reporting to e-commerce, business intelligence, supply chain management, business solutions, manufacturing, human resources and more. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics GP's integrated and automated functions have the power to increase your team's productivity while also protecting your business's finances--Microsoft Dynamics GP includes necessary oversight on business processes, including notifications for payments, approval routings, and the ability to attach critical documents as needed.

But Microsoft Dynamics GP does more than run the numbers. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, your accounting team can run custom reports that provide visibility in the company's growth, evaluate customers, examine areas of interest and more.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Includes:

  • Core Financials with Reports on Basic, but Critical, Financial Reports.
  • Business Intelligence with Insight into Data Trends and Analytics for Growth Planning.
  • Human Resources and Payroll to Handle Employee Activities and Process Requests.
  • Distribution Tools with Custom Functions for Companies with Tracking Needs.
  • E-Commerce Capabilities.
  • Manufacturing Tools with Customizable Functions for Companies in the Manufacturing Arena.
  • Construction/Job Costing Tools for Managing Job and Construction Costs.
  • Professional Services Functions with Custom Options for Business-Specific Processes.
  • Field Service Functions Designed around Companies with Workers in the Field.
  • Work Order Management Tools to Better Handle Work Orders Onsite and Offsite.

Recommended Additions

Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Myappsanywhere Cloud

Myappsanywhere understands that different workers need different types of access to the company’s financial platform. Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Microsoft Office-based platform helps employees work smarter and faster with quick access to the information they need to fulfill their role within the company. Whether that role is accounting, human resources, inventory or client relations, hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP can help your employees make the most of their work day. Services can be personalized to let your workers see what they need and hide what they don’t, and at the end of the day, Microsoft Dynamics GP can still help you collate the information you need to print and run reports for fiscal meetings, transaction reports and review.

With top-notch support from Myappsanywhere, hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP is easy to deploy and configure with current technology. Thanks to its modular approach, you can opt to license just the functions you currently need, and we’ll be happy to help you add users and additional capabilities as your business grows. Plus, hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP readily integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology, making it easier than ever to strengthen your business relationships.
Hosting Your Microsoft Dynamics GP with Myappsanywhere
  • Improved user experience
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint
  • Enhanced support for customized solutions
  • Easy-to-use business intelligence features
  • Supports add-on applications
  • Available from any internet connection
  • Month-to-month pricing with no long-term contracts or upfront capital investments
  • 24 hour support included in monthly costs
  • Certified Dynamics engineers on staff
  • Access to our self-service user portal

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