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Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Our managed backup and disaster recovery services ensure your applications and data are always available.

Expect the Unexpected

We believe that the best defense is a good offense. Our disaster recovery planning is designed to help you resume your IT functionality after a disruptive event. Since your ability to recover data and continue business operations post-disaster is only possible if you plan before an unexpected event occurs, we work side-by-side with your business to ensure you are prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Identifying Your Risks

NetStandard can help you identify the biggest threats facing your business and develop mitigations that can facilitate your data recovery. There are steps you can take to help ensure business continuity following an unexpected disaster, and we can assist in creating a documented plan that will provide guidance to your business’ leaders and employees that can increase your business’ chance for survival. Having a comprehensive plan in place can provide the additional benefits of insurance discounts, technology savings, more efficient operations and peace of mind.

Preparing for the Worst

Our IT disaster recovery plans can accomplish secondary data storage and restore manually or through cloud computing. Cloud computing is often the most cost-effective and efficient solution for data replication, online backup and quick recovery.

NetStandard will help you set up a backup process to ensure the greatest protection of your data. You may have a backup process but when was the last time you confirmed the backup was good? NetStandard proves backup success, will remediate errors encountered during the backup process, and be available to restore backups.

Disaster Recovery Planning

NetStandard’s backup experts will monitor and manage your backup solution to ensure it’s running correctly that your data is protected. We will create a plan that will ensure that if disaster strikes, your information is protected.

Disaster recovery options include the basic recovery of data following an event of equipment destruction or malfunction. These services include:

  • Enterprise-class cloud backup platform designed to protect your entire business digital footprint (storage, servers, desktops and laptops on the LANs as well as remote tablets and smart phones)
  • Remote access to servers
  • Scale up or down to respond to seasonal fluctuations or growth
  • Hardware maintenance and support from an experienced service team
  • 99.999% uptime SLA
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and support
  • Predictable monthly fees

Protect Your Data From:

  • Cyber Attacks
  • Earthquake
  • Electrical Outage
  • Equipment Failure
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Hurricane
  • Loss of a Key Employee
  • Wind/Tornado
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