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We're a little different.

We know. You've heard it before. Lots of companies say they're different, but what does "different" really mean?

To us, different means more. It means more options, more engineers, more strategic conversations, and more forward thinking. Compare our managed IT services to some of the others out there, and item for item, what you'll discover is that we simply do more for your business.

So before we get started, there are a few things you should know about what we offer:


Data security is at the foundation of our business, and we'll be sure it's at the foundation of yours, too.


The technology solutions we build for you business today aren't one size fits all. We will help you create an IT solution that both matches what you need today and where your business is headed tomorrow.


Our process-driven approach to implementing and maintaining your technology solutions relieves your team of time-consuming IT repair issues.


Our engineering team is comprised of engineering experts with experience in a broad scope of applications, products and scenarios.


Our support team is built around your dedicated technology manager, who serves as your direct line of contact from day one of your assessment.

Most business owners believe they can build an internal IT environment that is efficient, reliable and services the needs of their business. In reality, building an environment with these capabilities is no easy feat. Download our whitepaper to find out if your business is making one of these common mistakes with your internal IT environment.
What Our Clients Say:
  • Pella"We have found that their customer service is very quick, and they deal with us on a one-on-one basis. When we utilize their call center, we find them to be very personable and they don’t talk over our heads. That makes it a lot easier and more comfortable for our people to work with them. Top to bottom, working with NetStandard, from the upper management all the way to the people who answer the phone, they all seem willing to stop what they are doing, answer our questions or get us to the person who can help us transition through any issue that we may have."

    Mark Brewer, Customer Service Logistics Supervisor, Pella Products of Kansas City
  • Kauffman Center“Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts provides excellent performing arts experiences to our guests. Partnering with IT specialists who can adapt to the ongoing technology needs - including software upgrades, equipment management and data security, helps to support our goal to deliver high-quality customer service. NetStandard is a key part of our operations who provides the varied technology needs necessary to give our patrons and our associates the best experiences possible.”

    Paul Schofer, President & CEO, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
  • Lakemary Center"We had multiple buildings in three cities, with significant geographic separation. We had critical data relative to all of that on our computers, and our server had crashed, and its data was gone. We looked for someone who could help us out fast, and whose reputation we could trust, and we turned to NetStandard’s team of technicians, and within a very short time, our data was recovered, and we were up and running again. We now have nearly 100% uptime, which we need as a 24-hour-a-day residential facility. The reliability of the new system, and the prevention of problems before they occur, is the greatest benefit of all."

    Shawn Kelsey, CFO, Lakemary Center
  • The Miller Group"My company took care of its network in-house for a number of years, and we realized it was getting more complicated to maintain. Since we have expanded our business significantly and moved our operations to a new building on College Blvd., we felt it was time to make the move to have a company that has a large IT staff to support us. Our expectations have been very high for NetStandard and through the move to the new building AND its team establishing itself to our staff’s needs and network upgrades, they pulled through for us!"

    Matt Miller, President, The Robert E. Miller Group
  • Shelterwood Academy"In order to receive donations from our supporters and tuition payments for our students at Shelterwood Academy, we had a need to be able to process credit cards. That meant we also had to know about PCI compliance. We know that IT expertise isn’t what we specialize in, so we contacted NetStandard on referral from one of our partners. NetStandard quickly helped us fix a potential PCI compliance issue in our network. They have provided the IT skills we needed to make sure we’re doing our best to protect our donors and students, which means we can focus our energy on our mission rather than our technology."

    John Lawrence, Principal, Shelterwood Academy
  • Bott“For over a decade, NetStandard Inc. has given us dependable service and superior technical expertise. Radio stations demand 100% uptime. Whether we are acquiring other stations and assimilating them into our network or just running day-to-day operations at our existing stations, we appreciate that NetStandard understands outages are not an option for our company.”

    Tom Holdeman, CFO, Bott Radio Network
  • Caribbean Auto Group“The type and quality of network expertise NetStandard provides is now available immediately as needed, versus flying people around the Islands to diagnose a particular issue from one location without all the support staff and technology to assist. It really has made a difference for us operationally in addition to being a cost saving.”

    William Lambert, President, Caribbean Auto Group
  • MFEC"[NetStandard was] able to bring greater technical expertise to the table than our previous provider, and within a short time, they got us back to a good level of performance. Rather than responding to broken things all the time, NetStandard is proactively managing our IT in a way that prevents outages and major issues from happening. The focus is on us and the future of our business, and we know that we can count on them to keep us up and running."

    Michael Thome, Vice President, Malone Finkle Eckhardt and Collins
  • JCI Industries“NetStandard’s breadth and depth of expertise has enabled JCI to more efficiently and effectively remediate technology issues, resulting in more timely operational improvement and increased satisfaction for both employees and customers. JCI has grown 35 percent in the last two years, and we now have the infrastructure in place to support continued exponential growth. The move to managed services with NetStandard has given us the power to double our business in the next five years, and we have the confidence that our systems will be able to support that growth.”

    Robert "Chip" Toth, President, JCI Industries