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IT Outsourced

Outsource Your IT Support in Kansas City

Outsource your IT services with NetStandard. We will host and manage your IT infrastructure, so your business does not have to hire IT employees who may or may not meet your standards. With outsourced IT support services, you will be free from handling the management and human resources related issues associated with the on-boarding, training, and management of new hires.

Partner with us today for an effective way to manage and operate your information systems.

Comprehensive Managed IT Services

Managing your company’s IT functions depend on having a structured framework. Our comprehensive IT services will help you achieve your short- and long-term objectives while ensuring minimal disruption. Our real-world solutions will fit your unique business needs.

Our outsourced IT services include:

· Helpdesk/service desk support
· Cloud and hosted services management
· Server and network maintenance
· Contract IT staffing services
· Configuring and managing firewalls
· Disaster recovery
· Emergency IT support services

Focus on Critical Business Matters

Our team will realign your strategy so that it fits in with your goals. Instead of dealing with minor issues, we will help you focus on IT projects that will benefit your business and customers. Spend more time on the work that matters while managing systems and minimizing downtime.

Keep Up with Evolving Technology

NetStandard focuses on business-level management, enabling you to keep up with day-to-day support and stay on par with evolving technology. We will evaluate the current state of your technology and create a plan so you can stay innovative and stay competitive in your industry.

Reduce IT Expenditures

We know how costly it can be to maintain an internal team of IT specialists. Not to mention buying the latest software and hardware can lead to increased overhead costs. Our team will consolidate your IT costs and establish more realistic goals that are in line with your budget expectations.

Faster Project Implementations

With 19 years of experience providing outsourced IT services, we’re here to back you up by hiring the right people, training them, and providing the support you need. Relying on an in-house team to find the right people may take weeks or months.

We have the qualified personnel on hand so you can implement technology quickly and start new projects right away.

NetStandard has been providing strategic technology solutions for small and mid-sized businesses for nearly two decades. Contact us to discuss your needs today.