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Intrusion Prevention Services


How Much Could Hackers Cost Your Bank?

Organizations with fewer than 250 employees can lose big when hackers come knocking. In a recent survey on SMB information protection, Symantec estimated the average annual cost of cyber attacks at $188,242 for companies with fewer than 250 employees. The numbers look even worse when organizations figure in the costs of remediation: SMBs can spend as much as two thirds of their IT departments’ time and nearly $51,000 a year on information protection.   While firewalls and antivirus software provide a good base layer of protection, intrusion prevention services (IPS) offer preemptive protections that can prevent malicious attacks before they wreak havoc on network systems. Intrusion prevention approaches network security from a proactive angle by identifying potential threats and quickly responding to them, thus improving your security posture and ensuring your systems are fully prepared for malicious attacks.   Our IPS is ideal for organizations looking to manage costs without compromising their ability to monitor the security of their systems. Partnered with NetStandard’s Surveyor, IPS can deliver targeted results for high-risk or highly regulated organizations.   IPS with NetStandard starts at $299 for the first location, and additional locations can be added for $250 a month. Contact us today to get started!