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Protection from Internet Based Attacks

DDoS attacks

DDoS Protection Services

Did you know that we included DDoS protection services at no extra cost for all of our Myappsanywhere customers? Visit our Cloud Applications pages to learn more.

The average cost of an outage caused by an internet-based DDoS attack can run an internet-reliant company as much as $100,000 an hour (Incapsula). Protecting your business from internet-based DDoS attacks is particularly important if your company leverages hosted applications (like email or business applications) or if online access is a critical component of your daily operations.

With DDoS protection services from NetStandard, your business can prevent outages caused by multiple kinds of internet-based attacks, including those launched by hacktivist groups and attacks designed to consume the target company’s internet bandwidth. We offer the following types of protection from internet-based DDoS attacks:

Non-Volumetric Attack Protection

Protection from non-volumetric DDoS attacks, like application layer attacks, SYN floods, DNS threats or SQL injections, includes:
  • Accurate attack detection and prevention without blocking legitimate user traffic
  • Real-time signatures are generated for each attack pattern only, using up to 20 different parameters
  • Full protection against emerging network threats
  • Maintenance of network performance even when under high-volume network attacks
  • Excellent user response times even under attack
  • Protection from vulnerability-based attacks that exploit server application weaknesses, including Web, Mail, DNS, FTP, SIP, SQL server vulnerabilities
  • Protection from non-vulnerability-based attacks that misuse server resources, including application DoS (HTTP, SIP, and other flood attacks), authentication defeat (brute force attacks), and information theft (application scanning)
  • Protection from DoS/DDoS flood attacks that misuse network bandwidth
  • Real-time anti-Trojan and anti-phishing services targeted to fight financial fraud, information theft and malware spread
  • Monitored attack services available for expedient situation response
***Does not protect against volumetric attacks, such as a direct, targeted attack to your network that causes complete consumption of your available internet. If you are subscribed to non-volumetric protection and you receive a volumetric attack, transfer to volumetric service requires approximately four hours (or longer depending on any complexity or challenges you may impose with your IP setup). Additional monthly costs and setup fees required.
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