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Clarity is NetStandard’s model for strategic managed technology solutions. Supported by a dynamic culture of technology specialists and best-in-class network infrastructure, our Clarity managed services solution enables your business to maximize productivity and eliminate spending waste while granting you free time to focus on what makes you successful—your core business.

Our team of engineers, technologists and business consultants work together to offer your business a full-spectrum of technical specialties, professional expertise and a superior operating system designed to give your business the advantage it needs to compete in the marketplace.

Clarity's proactive IT process delivers Fortune 500 technology infrastructure and support at a price your growing business can afford. With Clarity, you can turn your business technology into a strategic advantage for your bottom line. Contact NetStandard today to see how our integrated business and technology strategies can accelerate your growth plans.


Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Clarity Works Best for Businesses Challenged By:

Potential Security Vulnerabilities

Applying Technology to Business Growth

Network Performance

Excess IT Spending

Loss of a Key IT Employee

Inexperienced IT Staff

Technology Built Around Your Business

Did you know? With Clarity managed services, you can count on predictable IT spending. Our managed services are delivered month to month at a cost you can ink into your budget.

Through NetStandard’s team of 65-plus engineers, technologists and business consultants, Clarity offers a full spectrum of technical specialties, professional expertise and a superior operating system that is unparalleled in Kansas City. Plus, Clarity's focus on preventative maintenance eliminates the break/fix operations mode most non-enterprise firms are forced to rely on. Our service desk team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year--even on holidays.

With Clarity, our blend of services sets you free from worry with collective knowledge documentation designed to eliminate vulnerability, always available data and technical support, and root cause analysis focused on eliminating problems. Clarity helps your business lower IT costs while improving performance with a top tier, enterprise-class infrastructure that is affordable for a small business budget. Thanks to our dedicated team that feels like your internal IT department, Clarity is the prescription your business needs to cure your IT pain.

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