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NetStandard: The Leading Provider of Managed IT Services in Kansas City

NetStandard offers managed IT services in Kansas and Missouri to eliminate costs, reduce downtime, and support your IT needs.

We use Clarity — our IT managed services platform— to ensure your business’ technology operates at an optimum level. We deliver tailored, outsourced technology solutions to drive business growth. Our proactive solutions will help you rethink the value of your IT department and resolve any potential technology related issues before they occur. With NetStandard we enable your business to stay competitive in a non-stop, technology driven world.


Managed Technology

Clarity managed technology is NetStandard's in-house brand for managed information technology business solutions, developed on our enterprise-level infrastructure and supported 24/7 by our dynamic technology specialists. Clarity is your small business IT services solution in a box.

Clarity offers a broad scope of engineers, technical specialties, professional expertise and an operating ecosystem that is unparalleled in Kansas City. Our preventative maintenance and forward-looking planning and focus on preventative maintenance aids in the transition of our customers from a reactive business to a progressive and growing one.

A Cost-Efficient IT Department

Clarity helps you properly utilize your IT team and eliminate inefficiencies, identify threats, and manage your customers better with the right tools. Our managed IT services will reduce costs, downtime, and resources spent on fixing costly IT issues.

Together, we’ll build an IT solution that aligns with your business goals. We focus on innovation to increase your company’s productivity. With our services, you can stay on your company’s growth trajectory.

Clarity managed technology by NetStandard is next-level support & infrastructure to elevate your business.

Potential Security Vulnerabilities

Applying Technology to Business Growth

Network Performance

Excess IT Spending

Loss of a Key IT Employee

Inexperienced IT Staff

Is Your IT Model Broken?

The broken model of just a few generalist IT persons on staff. This approach leaves you hoping your team has little or no churn, learns quickly, and has the capability to do virtually anything you might need. Leaving you exposed to the liability their void of time and knowledge leaves – missed backups, missed patches, no planning, excess spending, and a negatively impacted reputation.

Our Model

Clarity offers unique state-of-the-art, enterprise business technology solutions that you’ll find nowhere else in Kansas City. We have nearly two decades of experience helping small to mid-sized companies achieve business growth. We do this by taking over the duties an internal IT department would service and using our expert knowledge to make information technology a strategic part of their business. Our managed IT solutions will help you make the most of your technology and reach your business goals.

Lower Business Costs

Our team of Clarity engineers includes more than 65 individuals with over 80 technical certifications, plus over a dozen additional partners.

What does this mean to your business?

We can provide as many or as few technologists as are needed for the task at hand, thus enabling your company to pay for the services you need when you need them. With our security specialists and experienced engineers, we will help you realize your business potential and turn your technology into an efficient innovation hub.

The result? Your business can avoid the full-scale IT team you would need to handle your business technology around the clock and get Fortune 500 support.

The way we see it, Clarity is the momentum you need to elevate your business to the next level. By including regular strategic planning sessions with your C-level team, we help to ensure the trajectory of your technology is in line with your goals.

We are your partner, an extension of your business. Schedule a consultation with us today.
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Technology Manager (TM)

The TM provides account and service management, procurement, and strategic planning. The Technology Manager will also work with you to create a custom technology health model and communication plan.
Software License Maintenance

We catalog hardware and software licensing and provide guidance on maintaining licensing agreements required to support business operations
Engineering Support

Engineering support is included as needed to resolve identified issues at the hardware and operating system layers. If necessary, we can provide onsite service as required to resolve issues. We currently have more than 65 talented engineers on staff.
Server, Network Device, and Desktop/Laptop Device Monitoring and Maintenance

Proactive monitoring and maintenance which includes 24x7x365 monitoring of core network components, active application of firmware, OS and application patches. We will also include management of network components to help maintain stable network operations and assessment and remediation of issues.
Backup Monitoring and Administration

NetStandard will help you set up a backup process to ensure the greatest protection of your data. You may have a backup process but when was the last time you confirmed the backup was good? NetStandard proves backup success, will remediate errors encountered during the backup process, and be available to restore backups.
Service Desk & Incident Response

Our internal Service Desk is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year by our Kansas City-based team. This team will serve as your single point of contact to register service requests and obtain assistance for your IT issues.
Automated Reporting

Online reporting for service history and system health and capacity. As well as feedback on training issues that may exist with your staff to improve and reduce support requests.
Fortification and Security Services

NetStandard manages remote access for users, assists with VPN issues, and manages enterprise-class antivirus software, including proactive updates, status reporting, and issues remediation.

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