Your Career at NetStandard


  • I like working at NetStandard because the Service Desk is team oriented. We work together to solve problems, teach each other and enjoy the camaraderie. The bond is tight between the people that have been here and the new hires. It’s good to be with a company that is going places, has innovative ideas and is always looking to the future for bigger and better things. Jeff Melcher is always on the lookout for the next big thing to help our customers and our company grow.

    Cody has been with NetStandard since December 2009.


    NetStandard has been a great place for me to grow my career and expand my skill set. After several years on the accounting side of the business, I have earned the opportunity to become an account manager for Custom Cloud, our data center services brand. Opportunity is everywhere at NetStandard!

    Cindy has been with NetStandard since August 2009.