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The Benefits SMBs Can Reap from Implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by: In: Business Technology 18 Oct 2018 Comments: 0

Gone are the days when Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software was exclusive to large corporate-scale businesses. Today, ERP for small-sized businesses is becoming more popular among organizations that want better and more productive operations. Instead of having different people do several tasks, more small- to mid-sized businesses are depending on ERP to integrate all their processes and data into a single system.

Some organizations didn’t have the technical support or funds to endorse or implement traditional large-scale ERP solutions. As a result, growing SMBs created fragmented business structures composed of different programs that handle inventory, finance, payroll, and sales.

Microsoft Dynamics GP: The Dynamic ERP Software that Does It All for SMBs

Recent advances in technology, however, now offer more practical solutions for small businesses (SMBs). One of them is the Microsoft Dynamics GP.

A Dynamic Solution for SMBs

Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) is a hybrid mid-market business ERP software that helps small- to medium-sized businesses gain better control over their inventory, finances, and operations. The dynamic software also allows users to integrate their resources and data across different departments and locations. Business owners have the choice of deploying the software on their premises or hosting it in the cloud.

Key features of the software include inventory management and operations, financial management and accounting, and business intelligence. It also comes with a reporting engine, which allows users to generate spot trends, custom reports, and make better business-related decisions. Additionally, Microsoft’s ERP software provides user capabilities for field service management, configuration and development, and supply chain management.

The Next Big Step for Small Business Owners

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive and well-supported ERP solution that entices SMB owners with the following benefits:

  • Greater Control Over Inventory, Operations, and Financials
  • Dynamic GP delivers in-depth operations, financial, human resources, and manufacturing functionality to streamline business processes. These functions enable users to make informed decisions and act.
  • Users can expect more from their ERP investments with the following GP features:
  • Operations and Inventory Management. Allows users to track and manage vendors, orders, inventory, returns, and production information.
  • Financial Management and Accounting. Manage banking, assets, and cash.
  • Sales and Service. The software connects sales data, contacts, and service contracts for more informed and empowered customer interactions.
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting. Users can make better operations-related decisions with their access to analytics across the organization.
  • Better Productivity

Microsoft’s ERP software improves productivity by empowering the core of the business: your employees. The communication and collaboration tools in Dynamic GP ensure team members always stay connected. These tools also keep decision makers informed of what the current situation is on the operations floor.

Since the software is intuitive and easy to use for anyone who has experience with Microsoft products, training is minimal.

Easy Deployment and Maintenance

Another major benefit of this ERP software is its ease of deployment and maintenance. Not all small business owners have the budget for on-site technicians. With the Dynamics GP, they gain the services of technicians plus the benefit of working out-of-the-box without needing any proprietary modifications or adjustments.

Support for Business Growth

Small business owners look for solutions that grow with their business. Microsoft addressed this need by designing the Dynamics GP to scale with the business. This means SMBs will not need expensive software transitions in the features.

More Than Just an ERP Solution

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides more than enterprise resource planning. The ERP software integrates into Microsoft’s full suite of products covering different areas of business operations. Integration allows the software to provide small businesses with the necessary tools for solving operational issues and industry-specific challenges.

By using familiar Microsoft tools, such as Office, users can quickly learn new technologies and take advantage of Dynamics GP’s features to improve business productivity.

User-Friendly Software

As mentioned, Dynamics GP is easy to use and easy to deploy. Since the ERP software works and looks like Microsoft Office, any employee can use it right away.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is also role-tailored. It gives users relevant insights for their daily tasks. By providing the right information immediately, specialists can solve current issues, as well as the head off potential ones.

A Perfect Fit for Employees

Apart from helping small business owners streamline their business operations, Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers self-service solutions to employees. Microsoft designed the software to give employees more flexibility and control of their paycheck and timecard.

The 2015 version of Microsoft Dynamics GP used paperless timecard solutions, which allowed workers to log their own hours. The software’s calculation charts and tools enabled them to manage their schedules according to the business’ needs. They were also free to update the system from any device that has been integrated into the company’s system. Devices included were personal mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

Microsoft’s ERP solution also assists employees with daily tasks. Workers in the warehouse, for example, can use the tools to track inventory and immediately report any surpluses or shortages. Those who work in sales, on the other hand, can determine leads for new business with the system’s complete data history.

The Bottom Line

Deploying the Microsoft Dynamics GP provides small business owners with better mobility, increased flexibility, and enterprise-grade support. Thanks to this Cloud-based ERP, SMBs can easily reduce hardware, infrastructure, and IT management costs. Its quick implementation enables the staff to get the business up and running in a few hours instead of weeks. Moreover, SMB owners who take advantage of this software can actively run their business anytime, anywhere on any device.

If you are a small- or mid-sized business owner, your search for the perfect ERP software ends here. Net Standard offers Microsoft Dynamics GP — the next generation accounting tool that provides complete and scalable financial and operational functionality. Gain better control over your inventory, finances, and operations with our solutions, which we design and adjust according to your business’ needs.

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