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3 Reasons to Move Toward Secure Virtual Hosting

3 Reasons To Move Toward Secure Virtual Hosting

What does secure virtual hosting versus having a physical server on-site mean, in terms of business technology, versatility and overall investment?  Why are businesses saying goodbye to their physical servers and opting towards virtualization?  In some cases the analysis can be complex and convoluted, but it doesn’t have to be.  Most businesses are making the switch after simply evaluating the advantages of cost, scalability and reliability.


Cost – This is often the driving force because it offers immediate impact to ROI.  When it comes to virtualization, there are not any costs for hardware or infrastructure.  In many cases, hardware and infrastructure alone could cost a business tens of thousands of dollars.


Scalability – Virtualization offers the power to increase on demand.  A growing business should have the flexibility to expand in real-time.  A virtual server can be added immediately to solve the growing demand.


Reliability – NetStandard runs on a 99.999% uptime SLA.  The only downtime your business will incur is scheduled routine monthly maintenance.  Downtime to a business is revenue out the door.


Business technology should be viewed as an asset.  Virtualization echoes that sentiment, and can offer many more opportunities to grow your business.  For further information about secure virtual hosting please visit .

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